Credit Card Debt Relief Bailout Has Arrived

Credit card debt relief bailout programs can systematically reduce up to 50 percent of debt in almost all cases.

Online PR News – 12-March-2010 – – Consumers and businesses from coast to coast have been flocking to take advantage of the programs and services as offered in the new credit card debt relief bailout. The auto industry and Wall Street were the first to receive a lifeline. Now everyday Americans on Main Street are now benefiting.

It's important for readers to note that these sweeping new programs and initiatives differ from credit card debt relief programs of the past. The new programs and services offered as part of the new credit card bailout do not involve the taking out of any new type of loan. Likewise, the new credit card debt relief bailout program also effectively works to avoid bankruptcy and all it's harsh repercussions.

This point cannot be overstated. The credit card debt relief programs of past era's, such as from the Ronald Reagan era, did little if anything to fundamentally address the core issues at the heart of credit card debt. Relief programs offered today, however as part of the credit card debt relief bailout dramatically reduce and eliminate the principal debt that is owed.

Here's how it works:

A trained debt specialist will aggressively negotiate on behalf of the consumer or business in debt with their creditors, or if need be, with the collection agency. The goal and purpose of these negotiations is to reach a mutually agreed upon debt reduction that works for all parties involved.

In most cases, consumers and businesses that enroll in a credit card debt relief program today can largely expect to have 50 percent of unsecured debt eliminated. This is debt that is forgiven and never needs to be repaid.

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