registers Big Growth in Online Movies Subscriber Base

Press Release share News of US based online movies website Movies In this quarter finical year website has got tremendous business and popularity.

Online PR News – 17-August-2012 – usa – [] The US based online streaming movies website has recorded a big growth in the number of online subscribers. The streaming website is a leading name in the online movie world. “This is a positive development for the sector at a time the market trend of watching movies online is consolidating fast”, an official said.

Online watching of movies is growing because it is very user friendly, affordable and flexible in terms of the movie experience and covers a wide range of genres, movies including masterpieces of top notch film makers.

The website experienced a 70 percent increase in traffic as an index of its popularity in genres such as action, comedy, classics; adventure, Oscar movies, thrillers, horror movies, drama movies; kid movies to mention a few.

According to an industry expert, the commercial success of online movies websites is the result of rising awareness about online movies particularly the concerns on its legality.

“The online movies have spared the people from the hassle of buying DVDs or downloading movies”, said an analyst. Watching full movies online with streaming technology costs a nominal subscription fee only.

Drivers of online Movies

Industry leaders attribute the credit for the popularity of the online movies to its cost effectiveness and convenience factor. Watching an online movie is easy. It can be watched any time and anywhere. The entry of Wimax wireless internet and the boom in smart phones and tablets is further driving the demand for online movies.

According to market research group, Forrester, online movies has successfully addressed the vexatious issues faced by the consumers such as scratched DVDs; poor visuals and doubtful sound quality. Problems like copyright issues and long download time are now dutifully resolved. According to several subscribers, “online movies are emerging as the most affordable entertainment option”. On the one hand the monthly subscription is very low at less than $10 compared to the high costs involved in purchasing DVDs or rentals.

Movies Insanity has over 700 independent movies for download and the number is only growing. Its collections are unique and exciting. They are seldom found at other sites. Neither there is any fee for watching movies nor any cost charged for previewing any movies. There is no hassle; only unlimited entertainment.

According to the website management , this achievement comes in the wake of a pro-consumer policy of providing Hollywood streaming movies sans any riders. A free preview for 10 minutes of any movies and a 48 hour trial membership for just 99 cents is a very attractive package. There is excitement as people are able to get quality new releases, classics, hard to find rare movies at very low rates.

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