Drew Rees Annnounces He is a Candidate for Tulsa County Commissioner District 3

Drew Rees, Attorney for the Tulsa City Council, Announces He is a Republican Candidate for the Tulsa County Commission District 3.

Online PR News – 12-March-2010 – – Rees told a group of supporters he is running because, “The time has come when the County must take on a greater role in assisting all of its cities. My experience with local government will ensure we can work together in a more effective, efficient, open, and professional manner.”

He said. “Tulsa County is at a crossroads. If trends hold, Tulsa County will soon cross the magic threshold of one million in population. Crossing that threshold will bring countless new opportunities and challenges. The population of the surrounding communities will soon be larger than the City of Tulsa. These communities are growing at tremendous rates and will need all of the assistance the County can provide. The ability to react quickly, appropriately, and cooperatively will be an absolute necessity”.

A staunch Republican with Tulsa values, Drew believes people's earnings are their own; the government should take no more than necessary to perform its functions; and government should operate as openly and efficiently as possible to protect the taxpayers.

Drew’s 17 years of experience with the City of Tulsa, including 8 years advising the City Council, taught him how to engage the relevant stakeholders, effectively gather the necessary information, and work together to make timely decisions.
For more information contact:
Drew Rees
918) 495-3739 Office
918) 237-8252 Cell
8114 S Harvard Ave
PO Box 700235
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74170