Corporate Comedian Tim Clue Can't Tweet, but Clue's CLUES Will Clue You In to His Other Talents

Tim Clue brings his comedy and communication background to the foreground. As a comedian and communication consultant, he will lead you in an instructional game that will have you and your group laughing and saying "ah-hah" at the same time.

Online PR News – 12-March-2010 – – Clue's CLUES: Communicate, Listen, Understand, Evaluate, Synergize. Bring Tim Clue on board with his trademark Clue’s CLUES re-boot, defrag and pain-point discovery seminar. Tim will lead your group through a game-changing message mash-up that will bring the right ideas and the best action steps flying through the company on high speed rail.

Tim understands your pain, but doesn’t think talking at you is going to stop the communication mad-drag plaguing your group. Together you will not only find the answers, but also put them into action. Through Tim's high-energy, fun and interactive session, your team will uncover new answers to old problems and access tried and true old answers for new problems.

All companies have baggage that keeps them from moving faster and more efficiently, and Tim’s communication mash-up will help your group efficiently and effectively drop bad habits and clarify best practices. Clue’s CLUES is an adventure in trust, communication and camaraderie. Clue's CLUES will take your company, your VPs or a newly formed team on a game-changing, cathartic, revelatory, dynamic communication re-boot that will transcend, not condescend.

Topic Teasers:

* Letterman is a pro – leave the sarcasm to him.
* I didn’t text you on purpose.
* When NOT to send that next e-mail.
* What’s the point of power if the PowerPoint is powerless?
* Four generations of employees on one floor: Why can’t they just fax? Yeah, well why can’t you Twitter?
* What Google knows that we’ve forgotten.
* Why "person-to-person" isn’t really "old school."
* Talking up, down, and sideways: How to know when your tone is right, when it’s wrong, and when you shouldn’t care.
* What NOT to prioritize – the greater challenge.

These and other all-too-familiar issues will be knocked around, pounded out and opened up as Tim takes your group through the communication gauntlet, bringing everyone out safely on the other side.

What Participants Are Saying:

"Clue's CLUES was like a communication defrag for our whole company. Now we move faster and waste less time just talking about talking."

"Tim’s facilitation was fun, high-energy, interactive and mind-bogglingly impactful."

"Tim helped us find consensus on what we were doing right and – more importantly – what we were doing wrong. That was big."

"Clue’s CLUES allowed us to re-find our own Best Practices that we had long forgotten. Amazing!"

Tim Clue is a professional comedian, and corporate entertainer/motivational speaker, and communication consultant. He brings to you a Masters degree in both Communication and Performance. His unique perspective, quick wit, and the ability to make each performance meld with the corporate culture have collectively made him one of the most highly requested corporate acts in the country. Be sure to contact Tim directly via his website" target="_blank" class="highlight_link">, or call 773-271-3011 or 773-271-3021, for more information about how to bring his unique blend of comedy and corporate culture to your next business event. Email:

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