ATP Business Solutions Inc Tax Preparer Continuing Education Classes

ATP Business Solutions Inc offering IRS Mandatory 15-hr tax class and 60 hr review class leading to RTRP Exam

Online PR News – 16-August-2012 – Orlando Florida – The new RTRP tax school in Orlando Florida is garnering attention . ATP Business Solutions Inc is an IRS Approved Continuing Education Provider. They offer the 15 hr Continuing Education class which is held on weekends to faciltate working Tax Preparers . The class include (1) 2-hr Ethics Course with emphasis on the revised Circular 230 which now covers Tax Return Preparers. Under Circular 230 Tax Preparers duties and restrictions are outlined ; Preparer Penalties, Earned Tax Credit (EIC ) Due Diligence , Advertisement , RTRP title and IRS Competency Exam.
(2) 3 hour Tax Law Updates class includes current law changes and expired provisons for 2011. Expiring credits include Work Pay Credit and Advance Earned Income Credits.
(3( This year for the 10 hour Tax Matters the Tax Class emphasis will be on Schedule C and Depreciation , a problematic area for some Tax Preparers and subject to IRS audits.
Classes for IRS Competency exam is also offered and is both comprehensive and intensive. It is a 60 hr class spanning 9 days (week days ) or 3 weekends .
This tax class covers both basic and intermediate federal taxation for personal income tax returns. It is a well demand tax prep course that prepare students for the IRS Competency Exam. The 60 hour review class features extensive problem solving exercises. The course ends with a 200 question and answer session designed to help students strengthen their test taking skills.
At ATP Business Solutions Inc 95 % of students who attempt the exam pass the 1st time.
Classes are taught by experienced teachers who not only work in the field of accounting and taxation but are also trained teachers with accounting degrees.
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