Ground-Breaking Website Set To Revolutionise E-Commerce

An e-commerce start-up has launched a ground-breaking website set to revolutionise the market sector.

Online PR News – 16-August-2012 – London – An e-commerce start-up has launched a ground-breaking website set to revolutionise the market sector; not only pioneering new frontiers in fully integrated digital media space and single-view interface, but also raising the bar in online digital media experience and opening up what could possibly trigger the next generation of e-commerce websites.

Mekobia (mε'kəʊbɪə) is a whole new concept in integrated digital media e-commerce launched recently in beta version and aimed at providing integrated digital products and services to consumers as well as digital content creators, product manufacturers and service providers like never before. It currently offers Artist and Brand Merchandise, Carrying Cases and other Accessories, Mobile, Consumer Electronic, Computer and Peripheral Devices in the UK, together with Integrated Marketing, including Advertising, Promotion, Showcase and Listings. A host of other innovative services are in the pipeline, aimed at fulfilling the company’s goal in bringing together dedicated e-commerce and vibrant social media on a single platform, like never before.

Mekobia intends to provide a truly unique digital media community and platform with wholly integrated in-depth services and far better user experience than offered at present. Ultimately, it aims to harmonise the world’s digital media needs on an easily accessible ecosystem, which extends beyond the virtual realm, bridging the gap between virtual and physical interactions. It also plans to allocate a proportion of its profits towards projects aimed at promoting a better global society.

The difference between the Mekobia website and other sites is immediately noticeable on loading the website. Its unique appearance, integral video player and well thought-out layout are aimed at enhancing conventional viewing process with better user experience. Unlike conventional websites which are generally based on multiple page displays, Mekobia relies on a single-view interface, which enables text, image, video and other content to appear in dedicated sections of a single viewing page, without the interruption of page loads; giving the user a somewhat “panoramic” sense of place on the website and a feeling that content is delivered to, rather than followed by the user.

Mekobia is an integrated digital media e-commerce website based in London, UK. Its was conceived as an integrated digital media community, primarily to provide a better online user experience, while preserving its original objective in extending the digital economy to developing markets around the world. With the first key regional base originally planned to be located in Nigeria, this initial strategic association inspired the name and icon of the website brand. The name, “Mekobia” was created by fusing words and letter of an Igbo phrase, "Mmeko obi oha or ora" (depending on local dialect), which translates directly to "interaction of the community heart"; simply meaning, "unified community relations" or "universal harmony", reflecting the essence of the website. The distinctive Mekobia icon was crafted by deconstructing the first "M" of "Mmeko" in the phrase. Mekobia end-user distribution services are currently available in the UK, but will be extended worldwide soon.