Falcon International Estates Seeks Out Investment Opportunities

Falcon International Estates is committed to finding unique, potentially lucrative investment opportunities for seasoned, sophisticated investors.

Online PR News – 16-August-2012 – London – London, UK (mynewsdesk), August 16, 2012 – Falcon International Estates (www.falcon-ie.com) is seeking out premium investment opportunities for sophisticated investors. The company, which finds investment opportunities for private and corporate investment clients, delivers prospective solutions by seeking out the real estate investments most likely to deliver significant capital growth.

Falcon is not FSA regulated – because its activities are not characteristic of a CIS (Collective Investment Scheme). Rather, it focuses on individual opportunities delivered to the most discerning investor. It is recommended that seasoned and sophisticated investors take their advice from Falcon International Estates.
Falcon’s relentless eye for opportunity delivers gilt-edged options to its client base. In addition, its investment advice (unregulated, please note) is designed to show high end investors how they could potentially turn their property investment into either a short or a long term capital increase.

The major property areas in which Falcon International Estates is interested are distressed properties, overseas properties and real estate. In these three areas, the company combines an eye for detail with the expertise that only comes of long experience – seeking out and presenting outstanding opportunities for the right investor.

Falcon’s portfolio of distressed property is designed to get serious investors into growth areas, often paying well under the odds for property in a dilapidated or distressed state of repair. While the initial capital requirement might be high (deposits are commonly large where property is distressed), returns once work is complete can be quick and significant. Additionally, investing in property in a regenerating area gives investors the opportunity to forecast future property prices, refurbishing to a high standard in anticipation of coming booms.

Overseas property on the Falcon roster is carefully considered by its experts and offered as opportunities only to clients whose goals and experience coincide with the location and character of the property in question. Falcon invests heavily in knowledge, researching the best places to buy as an investment and taking careful account of the destination in economic and property market terms.
Falcon also provides real estate investment options, sourcing ideal plots of land for purchase either as a development investment or simply as an alternative way of putting existing capital to work. Falcon’s advisers and real estate locators work closely with the client to find the land that fits his or her requirements completely, whether it is land to hold onto or land to develop.

Falcon International Estates is committed to injecting potential diversity into the portfolios of existing, experienced investors. The opportunities provided have the genuine capacity for large returns in the hands of the right speculator. Falcon is also able to pass some clients on to a relevant FSA regulated service, should this be what they are deemed to require.

About Author: Falcon International Estates is a famous company of London, who provides comprehensive investment opportunities. The investment areas dealt by them include distressed and overseas property as well as real estate.