Los Angeles Pediatric Dentist Examines Wisdom Teeth Retention

Los Angeles pediatric and adult dentist Dr. Joseph Marvizi discusses the common practice of removing trouble-free wisdom teeth.

Online PR News – 16-August-2012 – Los Angeles/CA – LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - A new Cochran review recommends keeping a close eye on trouble-free wisdom teeth instead of removing them.

Adult and pediatric dentist of Los Angeles, Dr. Joseph Marvizi affirms the significance of this review because wisdom teeth may not be causing any problems in the mouth, and removing them could be pointless. Marvizi as a Long Beach dentist examines each patient's needs.

The study examines if the practice of removing wisdom teeth that were not causing harm to the patient remains more effective than keeping the teeth. The primary question of the researchers is the removal of "harmless" wisdom teeth necessary or any more beneficial to patients?

Patients could have problematic wisdom teeth, and their presence produces complications to their oral health. Partially erupted wisdom teeth can lead to swelling of the gums and tenderness, in some cases the gum tissues produce a flap masking the tooth and form a trap for food and bacteria. Patients having partially erupted wisdom teeth are accompanied with the increased risk of gum disease. In crowded mouths, wisdom teeth may erupt at irregular angles, resulting in discomfort and irritation in the mouth, gums and teeth. Some patients' mouths don't provide enough space for wisdom teeth, and if teeth erupt, serious crowding could occur. Dentists typically request removal of wisdom teeth that risk crowding other teeth. Impacted wisdom teeth are removed as well.

The study uncovered that current information was lacking to make a decision for or against the removal of trouble-free wisdom teeth. Researchers investigated several research databases for randomized controlled trials (RCTs) comparing the treatment and patients' quality of life with removed verses retained wisdom teeth. No RCTs focused on that exact comparison. Only one case weighed removal verses retention, but the effects only evaluated on the patient's crowding in the late lower teeth. Researchers recommend a more conservative approach: carefully checking patients' third molar teeth without symptoms.

Marvizi, a Long Beach dental implants provider hopes this review will be a catalyst for studies that specifically examine removal verses retention.

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