Packs for paediatric syrups: a Bormioli Rocco foursome

Bormioli Rocco comes up with an innovative integrated packaging solution composed of bottle, adapter, oral dosing syringe and cap. Maximum safety for infant patients and ease of parental use are guaranteed by an exclusive patent for bottle and adapter.

Online PR News – 12-March-2010 – – Bormioli Rocco has developed a packaging solution that ensures total safety and practicality in administering syrups to infants and children.
The Plastics Division and the Pharmaceutical Glass Division have collaborated in evolving and manufacturing a pack comprising bottle, adapter, dosing syringe and plastic cap, safeguarding children’s health at the same time as making life simpler for Mum and Dad.

The bottle is made of type III yellow borosilicate glass and has been specially adapted to guarantee greater security during administration.
The bottle’s neck finish (PFP 28mm) has been modified in order to make it connect perfectly with the adapter, which no longer risks detachment. This accessory has been carefully studied so that it‘s no longer simply inserted into the bottle: thanks to a special rim it remains firmly attached to the bottle’s neck finish.
Both bottle and adapter have been patented and now constitute a Bormioli Rocco exclusive.

The oral dosing syringe, the third element in this packaging set, is produced using processes that guarantee elevated levels of hygiene. In general, the Plastic Division’s pharmacy dosage stems offer numerous customisation possibilities in terms of both colour and decoration. Finally, the bottle’s cap with its child-proof plastic cap and tamper-evident seal complies with safety regulations for pharmaceutical containers and packaging, and can be supplied already attached to the adapter.

Glass bottle, adapter, syringe and cap: Bormioli Rocco presents itself to client manufacturers as the single supplier of a complete integrated packaging solution.

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