The New Health Insurance plan for College Students in New York

More New York Students May Be Without Health Insurance After College Plan Insurance Cuts.

Online PR News – 16-August-2012 – 08-15-2012 Needham, MD – New Obamacare regulations make low-cost health insurance for college students a thing of the past.

As a result of new health care legislation, insurance companies can no longer offer the low-payout options that many colleges reserve for their students each year. These policies typically benefit students, who can call upon them if they fall ill or are injured. According to the Wall Street Journal, health insurance companies are now mandated by law to offer benefit amounts that exceed low-cost student insurance plans.

New York students that are covered under their parents' insurance may now retain coverage through age 26. While this relieves the burden for some students, students whose parents are receiving Medicare or who are over the age of 26, must determine whether to pay more for insurance or simply go without it.

Older parents that receive Medicare, or have tight budgets simply do not have the means to support their college children. Parents receiving Medicare insurance, however, can help increase their coverage through Medicare supplemental insurance like the Medicare Advantage Plan. Because they are covered under medigap insurance, parents may feel secure enough to help their children purchase health insurance.

Regardless of what health insurance options they select, New York students affected by new health care legislation must ensure they purchase quality health and life insurance plans from reputable agencies. Though information about insurance is increasingly available on the web, individuals must exercise caution when purchasing health insurance, term life insurance or other products online. Choosing a site with a long track record of success, can help minimize student and parent risk during the insurance purchasing process.