Announces Social Media Sites For Landstroms Black Hills Gold Jewelry Buffs
08/15/2012 is offering a growing presence with social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and GooglePlus to ensure 100% total customer satisfaction.

Online PR News – 15-August-2012 – Boulder/Colorado – is pleased to announce the launch of several social media channels aimed at giving enthusiasts of Landstroms Black Hills Gold jewelry a simple, enjoyable and entertaining way to stay informed. The objective is to utilize Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus to provide customers 24/7 access to latest fashion trends and new product developments, and to join a community of like-minded individuals looking to share their admiration for this unique American art form.

According to owner, Michael Amato, "At BlackHillsGoldSource, our #1 value is customer satisfaction. Our goal is to provide our customers with a seamless conduit to stay connected on their terms, through their favorite social network."

Landstroms is the original Black Hills Gold jewelry manufacturer, with roots dating back over a century to 1878, just a few years after gold was first discovered in the Black Hills. Over the years the company has developed thousands of new designs while remaining the sole owner of all the original Black Hills Gold molds.

Its clear that people want access to a simple trustworthy stream of information before spending their hard-earned money. Our new social sites provide exactly that through an effortless and enjoyable interface.

BlackHillsGoldSource maintains a close relationship with Landstrom's and specializes in mens and ladies Black Hills Gold rings, Landstroms wedding rings and Landstroms mothers rings. Their online store carries over a thousand of Landstrom's most popular items at discount prices, but everything Landstroms makes, such as Black Hills Gold bracelets, etc. can be easily ordered through them for a sizable discount as well.

With over 900 million users, Facebook has become an integral way for people to stay connected with their community, while the same is true for both Twitter with over 555 million users, and newcomer GooglePlus with over 170 million members (compliments of Web Development).

BlackHillsGoldSource's new social channels will not only provide customers with timely updates of important product developments, sale events, video showcases and answers to frequently asked questions, but more importantly, it will allow customers to interact with both the company and other Black Hills Gold enthusiasts in real time.

Amato says, "It's clear that people want access to a simple, trustworthy stream of information before spending their hard-earned money. Our new social sites provide exactly that through an effortless and enjoyable interface."

Interested individuals can access these and other social channels, as well as BlackHillsGoldSource's blogs by visiting the following links:

With these new social channels, BlackHillsGoldSource hopes to better educate people about all aspects of Black Hills Gold, provide them with access to a friendly community of like-minded enthusiasts, and to continue to maintain their goal of total customer satisfaction.

Members of the press and others who need further information about the content of this press release or about other social media sites are encouraged to contact Michael Amato at the location provided.

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