Thomas A. Rothstein & The Alternative Funding Group Release Annual Report Of The Top 25 Hard Money Lenders

The Alternative Funding Group and its lead editor, Thomas A. Rothstein, along with Teresa Collo, have recently released the first annual report on the Top 25 Hard Money Lenders. Borrowers can avail of equity based hard money funds for their residential loans, commercial loans and land loans, irrespective of what their credit score is.

Online PR News – 12-March-2010 – – The Alternative Funding Group (AFG) which has just completed a two year case study on 100 Hard Money Lenders has released, along with
Thomas A. Rothstein - its lead editor, the first annual report on the Top 25 Hard Money Lenders.

Thomas Rothstein says, “Hard Money Lending is asset-based loan financing through which a borrower receives funds secured by the value of a parcel of real estate.”

The Alternative Funding Group ( says that “each lender was rated according to their willingness to work with a diverse group of real estate investors.”

Hard Money Lending

Those trying to obtain a loan for a car or a home know that the task is near impossible without having a good credit score. Any borrower, with a credit score of less than the elusive magic number of 700 FICO score, understands that the deal cannot be accomplished without putting down a bundle as down payment.

However, in the world of Hard Money Lending, Thomas Allen Rothstein says, “the approval of your loan is no longer contingent upon your credit score.”

The credit score of a potential borrower notwithstanding, the viability of the hard money deal is dependant on the actual collateral or equity position of the deal.

Hard money is not funded by banks, but by private investors. For such investors, the only criterion is the potential of profit in the deal. This is the reason they are not concerned with the borrowers’ credit scores; and use the properties under consideration as the collateral to secure the deal.

AFG Is Here To Help

The spokesperson for The Alternative Funding Group says, “If you have found the perfect home to flip for profit but the banks refuse to fund rehab projects, we can get your project moving.”

All the borrower needs to do is purchase the list of the top 25 Hard Money Lenders from AFG along with the Quick Start Guide to flipping properties.

Teresa Collo of the Business Resource Center says that though hard money lending had always been there, many potential borrowers did not know how to get in touch with them. She further says that the borrower needs to develop a good relationship with such lenders to progress on the road to riches.

AFG says that this is not a get rich quick deal. However, people will have the opportunity to build wealth over time. People still need to locate a property that has “profits already fixed into the deal.” AFG further adds that this is what the borrower needs to do, and that it cannot do anything to help locate the property.

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