Bed Racing Is Made Easier With New Stainless Steel Casters, Says Access Casters

With the Coconut Grove Bed Race set for this Labor Day weekend, teams are hard at work constructing racing beds. Stainless steel casters from Access Casters are the perfect choice for teams who hope to win!

Online PR News – 16-August-2012 – Chicago IL – As the world tunes into the Olympics to watch the world’s best runners take to the track, a different breed of racers steels itself to take to the streets of Coconut Grove. Though they won’t run nearly as fast as the Olympians, they have some good excuses: their costumes are sometimes inhibitive. One member of the team doesn’t run at all. But mostly, a queen sized obstacle is in their way. In some ways, being part of a bed race is much trickier than being an Olympian.

Bed racing is a simple team sport that doesn’t require much by way of equipment, aside from a bed and wheels. Many bed races do not enforce any strict rules as to what materials are used to make the bed, as long as it has a mattress, headboard, and footboard. Many of these races encourage teams to select a theme and decorate the bed and themselves according to it.

When we get calls from bed racing teams it’s an occasion for us to have some fun too. We enjoy hearing about the different themes and the different kinds of beds being constructed

Bed races happen all over the nation, usually to benefit local charities. The next major one will take place in Miami’s Coconut Grove neighborhood, with proceeds benefitting the Boys and Girls Clubs of Miami Dade and other local charities. The Great Grove Bed Race, as it’s known, traces its roots 30 years back.

Specialty retailer Access Casters carries stainless steel casters that can be affixed easily to a racing bed, whether the bed is made from plywood or metal. Plus, the cost of these durable casters can be as low as $25 each, keeping the cost of bed racing minimal.

"Throughout the year, many of our casters are sold to hospitals, hospices, and assisted living facilities. We enjoy helping them come up with the best ways to help their patients, but it’s very serious work," said Kelly Piechocki of Access Casters.

"When we get calls from bed racing teams, it’s an occasion for us to have some fun too. We enjoy hearing about the different themes and the different kinds of beds being constructed," continued Piechocki.

In addition to stainless steel casters, Access Casters offers stem casters, wheels, and other components. The Chicago-based retailer is well known for its focus on customer service and low pricing.

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