EasyMake® Bedding Launches Website and New Kid-Friendly Bed Sets For Easy-to-do Bed Making

Easy-to-do EasyMake bedding allows children to master bed making skills early. Designed for little hands to quickly and easily make their beds every morning, children learn to accomplish the task with ease, instilling a sense of accomplishment.

Online PR News – 16-August-2012 – LAS VEGAS, Nevada, – August 15, 2012 – Just in time for the start of the school year, EasyMake® has launched its children’s bedding company website, EasyMake.com. The website features EasyMake bedding, designed by father and son team Danny and Max Jensen to simplify bed making for children ages three and up.

EasyMake bedding is comprised of a flat sheet, top sheet and comforter combo that connect through a series of lightweight hidden zippers and flexible fabric panels engineered to keep bedding on the bed during sleep, and easy for children to restore to a neatly made bed in the morning.

Jensen, the father of six children ages nine and under, created EasyMake bedding with the help of his oldest son Max in an effort to streamline the family’s hectic morning routine. Trying to get all the children dressed, fed, teeth brushed and out the door each morning was quite a task, but Jensen and his wife Jenny feel it is important for the youngsters to make their own beds as a part of their morning routine. Max, who was eight when the concept of EasyMake bedding was in brainstorm phase, had complained that the task was “too hard” after struggling with making his own bed morning after morning.

“Max and I talked about it, and we both agreed that maybe we could come up with an easier way to make the bed,” Jensen says. “So we set out together to solve the problem.”

Over the next few months, the father and son team put their heads together and began designing. They sought input from Jenny Jensen and some of her friends, and several prototypes later they had the EasyMake bedding system. The twin bed sets come in pink or blue 200 thread count cotton with a thick, attractive box-quilt comforter and matching pillow case.

“It was really fun to work on this project with my son, and the results are great,” Jesnen says. “All my children can make their beds, including our three-year-olds.”
Jensen believes that making their own beds when they’re young instills good habits in children. Learning routine and responsibility at an early age has proven to be beneficial.

“Children enjoy a made bed as much as adults do, and they have a sense of accomplishment every morning when they finish the task and their space looks nice and neat,” Jensen says. “And with six children in our home, six made beds has a real impact aesthetically.”

Jensen also says that the EasyMake system allows even the youngest children to establish good bed making skills because it is designed for them to succeed. As they grow older and graduate to regular bedding, they will have an easier time with the transition because they have already mastered the basic concepts of a properly made bed.

Each EasyMake set costs $79.99, and is shipped via Federal Express. For more information, visit the EasyMake.com website (www.easy-make.com), or email info@easy-make.com.