Cartasite's GPS Fleet Management System is Creating Safer Roads

Cartasite's GPS Fleet Management system is creating safer roads

Online PR News – 16-August-2012 – Denver/Colorado – At Cartasite, their passion and vision both lie greatly around improving driver safety. Be it a remote worker alone in the middle of the desert 20 miles from the closest town, or a fleet of government vehicles in a busy city, making sure both the fleet driver and those that share the road with them are safe is of the utmost importance. With a combination of existing and proprietary technologies, they have developed a fleet management system that does much more than just track location. They have developed a system that measures and reports leading indicators of unsafe driving and have developed a patented score card system that gives feedback to both drivers and their managers. With proper implementation, their scorecard system has had measurable impacts for businesses that have deployed their ROVR solution.

In January of this year, Anadarko Petroleum Inc.'s Unita Midstream facility out of Vernal, Utah noticed that their MVI (Motor Vehicle Incident) rate needed to be addressed. With a fleet of 104 vehicles, they had managed to incur nine accidents within a two-month period. Ron Bayless, the local EHS Manager for Anadarko contacted Cartasite for help. Cartasite understood Ron's concerns as well as the challenges that their drivers faced. They decided to equip the fleet with ROVR+ devices and set up their weekly Driver Scorecards.

Since the scorecards provide insight into each individual's driving patterns and behaviors as well as suggestions for improving them rather than a simple 'good'/ 'bad' - as well as itemized categories with improvement and ranking - the employees found themselves with useful information to make permanent driving changes. The drivers also found themselves in a friendly competition comparing their weekly scores. Jeff Duncan, the Superintendent in Vernal, Utah saw the operators become quite competitive and had begun to push one another to get the best weekly score.

Three weeks after the installation, every employee's scores had dramatically improved and they were all scoring over a 94, which according to Cartasite indicates safe driving behaviors. Six months after deployment, the scores continued to improve, but more importantly their MVI rates had fallen...all the way to ZERO. The same fleet that had as many as 9 incidents within a two month period had gone six months without one.

By simply having a itemized, non-threatening report of behaviors and advice on how to correct indicators of dangerous patterns, fleet drivers self corrected and managers were able to assess specifically where any problems existed. Cartasite's unique fleet management system has proven time and time again to have an impact not only on their client's bottom lines, but more importantly on the general safety of their employees and the roads that they share with our communities.