Breyer State University Receives Approval for Registration

Highlights of the “new” Breyer State include students being able to enroll and begin courses at any given time of the year

Online PR News – 16-August-2012 – Los Angeles, California – (August 15, 2012) Breyer State University – announced a new overhaul in management and ownership of its online institution. While the change in ownership transpired well over a year ago on January 1, 2011, it’s the new approval in registration that has caught the public’s eye.

The new ownership is coupled with news of licensing and registration in the Republic of Panama.

The school has previously received much criticism for its former pending registration status in California. However, following a two-year wait for response with no avail, the institution was forced to move its registration procedures to Panama.

The new owners have thus far improved upon Breyer State University’s programs, through redesign. There have also been a sweep of enviable hires, including a new university President, Chief Academic Officer, and a Board of Education.

Highlights of the “new” Breyer State include students being able to enroll and begin courses at any given time of the year. The online college rates are also significantly lower than competitors, such as Kaplan or Phoenix. In addition, there are independent financing programs available to help students with tuition.

Breyer State envisions success for all alumni, especially with an aggressive, yet manageable course outline. And according to the press kit, faculty members are highly trained in terms of education and real world experience.

Directives from world-class lecturers translate into firsthand knowledge for students to utilize post graduation. Breyer State University furthermore seeks to leverage this first-rate education to students who are prepared to reach a higher level of success.

About Breyer State University:

Breyer State University is a leader in higher education. It’s the # 1 educational source for adult students who are interested in pursuing advanced learning. The online college additionally provides numerous financing programs for its worldwide alumni. Disciplines of study, such as technology, education, business, nursing and humanities are all offered at graduate, post graduate and doctoral levels. To learn more about Breyer State University, please visit or contact the Informational Department here.