Harry Lloyd announces the launch of Bronx cheap bodybuilding supplements

Harry Lloyd launched a new website to create a one-stop-solution for bodybuilders looking for affordable still effective bodybuilding and fitness supplements.

Online PR News – 16-August-2012 – Bruxelles – Losing fat, being ripped and fit, having nice muscles is today a real phenomenon. This is why Harry Lloyd, an expert in lifestyle and wellbeing, realized the urgent need for an innovative website that offers inexpensive but effective bodybuilding supplements from the brand Bronx like whey, whey isolate, amino acids, glutamine and creatine, along with relevant information about steroids, bodybuilding routines, and diet tips.

Bronxsupplements.co.uk is expected to reach the thousand mark pages before one year, and is already regarded as a promising resource for fitness and bodybuilding amateurs.

“To meet the expectations of an increasing part of bodybuilders and target the group of fitness aficionados interested in cheap bodybuilding supplements, bronxsupplements.co.uk was designed to offer a complete range of affordable products, for beginners but also for professional bodybuilders. “, Harry Lloyd owner of bronxsupplements.co.uk , explained.

The main features of bronxsupplements.co.uk are:
• The complete range of Bronx supplements, with clear and detailed product reviews
• Effective products to help people gain muscle mass and lose stubborn fat
• Competitive price
• Information for starters and professional bodybuilders

Bronxsupplements.co.uk is becoming a reliable source of information for people looking for fitness tips and nutritional supplements. With the great range of Bronx products, this website will be the next first choice for bodybuilders searching for affordable bodybuilding supplements.