ALLOW raises next round of funding from Arts Alliance

UK’s first privacy and personal data company secures funds to create the most comprehensive solution for consumers to protect their information and privacy.

Online PR News – 16-August-2012 – London – ALLOW, the information protection company, today announces that it has raised £1.6 million in second-round funding from Arts Alliance, a leading technology-focused venture capital organisation. Current and previous Arts Alliance investments include, Shazam,, LoveFilm, blinkBox and Chateau Online.

ALLOW helps consumers regain control of their privacy and personal data with its unique services and technology. Since launching an early stage trial in December 2010, ALLOW has attracted over 10,000 members.

Justin Basini, Founder & CEO of ALLOW said: “We firmly believe that the personal data industry is fast becoming a minefield for consumers and the issue of privacy an increasing source of irritation for millions of people. We’re here to solve that problem, and be on consumers’ side when it comes to the battle for their data. We’re delighted that Arts Alliance shares our vision and this funding will now allow us to make a major impact on the nascent personal data industry.”

Joshua Green from Arts Alliance said: “We have great hopes for ALLOW. Justin and his team have a vision that understands the need for consumers to share their data but yet remain in control of both privacy and their information.”

To coincide with the funding, ALLOW will be launching ‘ALLOW Protect’ which is the most comprehensive solution to protecting consumers’ information and privacy, both online and offline. Features of ALLOW Protect are:

• Data Risk Report – see your privacy, security and identity risks
• Remove Me – prevent up to 75% of junk mail
• Email Shield – never again reveal your real email address thereby stopping spam
• Data Shield – an early warning system if your sensitive personal information is exposed
• Social Media Monitor – alerts that show you privacy, identity and security risks associated with your Facebook profile
• Browser Protection – simple to use protection to stop tracking of what you do online
• Junk Fighter – advanced junk marketing prevention
• Insurance – up to £10,000 of insurance if you are affected by identity, security or reputation risks

ALLOW believes that people are increasingly concerned about just who has access to their data and what it is used for. Consumers want to know where their data is stored, how secure it is and which organisations it is passed on to. That’s the basis of ALLOW Protect.

ALLOW aims to give consumers a way to fight back against the relentless erosion of personal privacy. The trade for data is significant and lucrative. ALLOW is bringing transparency to this market, letting consumers know that they don’t have to be a commodity and that they can be in control.