Holland 1916 Launches Ultimate RFID Tag And Test Video Series

Holland 1916 launches video series demonstrating how their RFID metal enclosures can withstand the most radical conditions.

Online PR News – 15-August-2012 – Kansas City, MO – Holland 1916, a manufacturer of rugged identification products, announces the development of a series of videos for their RFID Tag carriers. The video series will help new oil and gas customers understand how durable and rugged Holland 1916’s RFID tag solutions are.

In the past oil and gas companies quickly destroyed off-the-shelf RFID tags when they tested them in their harsh environment

The first video of Holland 1916’s Ultimate RFID Tag and Test Series is the "RFID Demolition Derby" demonstrating how Holland 1916’s stainless steel RFID tag carriers can survive extreme impact and abrasion.   Holland 1916’s Nameplate and Pipe Tracker RFID tags are welded to the bumpers of a demolition derby car and smashed time and time again during the violent competition. Holland 1916 tag carriers are embedded with both UHF Xerafy transponders and HF transponders.  By embedding RFID transponders into metal or high-density synthetic carriers, RFID can now be used in extreme applications where the technology would not have worked in the past.

"In the past, oil and gas companies quickly destroyed off-the-shelf RFID tags when they tested them in their harsh environment," said Zack Barron, Director of RFID Sales at Holland 1916. "Since seeing is believing, our Ultimate RFID Tag and Test Video Series demonstrates Holland 1916 RFID tag carriers surviving extreme temperatures, pressures, chemicals, and other tests."

Holland 1916 has created over twenty eight videos demonstrating how their RFID technology can enable asset management, inspection and compliance, maintenance, field service, and other oil and gas, construction, and mining applications. To check out the rest of Holland 1916 videos, visit and subscribe to their Youtube channel.

About Holland 1916
Founded 95 years ago, Holland 1916 is a progressive product identification manufacturer for the industrial market. Holland 1916’s RFID division specializes in the custom design and production of highly durable RFID transponder carrier solutions for extreme environments. Holland prides itself in providing creative and rugged RFID tagging solutions for the industrial OEM and service markets.
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