Collection Agency Offers Advice And Other Tools To Aid In The Collections Process

American Profit Recovery provides advice about the importance and reasons to report non-paying customers to a credit bureau.

Online PR News – 14-August-2012 – Marlborough, Mass – American Profit Recovery, a collection agency based in Michigan, Massachusetts and North Carolina, is back answering more frequently asked questions from consumers and customers.

In the newest installment of Ask APR, Jeff DiMatteo answers the question of “Why should businesses and collection agencies report late paying customers to a credit bureau?” DiMatteo explains that the answer is simple.

-Reporting seriously delinquent accounts to a credit bureau can increase the chances of businesses getting paid. Consumers are always looking for ways to protect their credit scores. If a consumer knows they are going to end up with a negative entry on their credit report it is more likely a consumer will take extra steps to resolve that debt.

-Many individuals fall on hard times and it takes several years to meet financial obligations. When consumers are looking to clean up finances they find many items on their credit report that are unpaid. Reporting to a credit bureau can be a long-term solution for business searching for money owed to them.

-Some collection agencies, like American Profit Recovery, report to the credit bureau directly, making it easier on the client. After an agreed upon time frame the collection agency can have input on when to contact the credit bureau, and this agency’s customers take solace in knowing that at least something is being done about their debt.

“We’ve found many collection agencies don’t report to a credit bureau, leaving out an important step in the collections process,” says Jeff DiMatteo, partner at American Profit Recovery. “We’ve found that reporting late accounts increases our customers chance of getting paid on time and provides peace of mind when accounts go dormant.”

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