Narconon Freedom Center Celebrates More Than 7 Years Helping Ohio Addicts

Narconon Freedom Center can Help addicts in Ohio enter into a successful drug rehab program.

Online PR News – 25-June-2009 – – Addiction in Ohio has caused people to look for an Ohio Drug Rehab. However, locating a drug rehab that is successful can be challenging.

Through successful drug and alcohol rehab, Narconon Freedom Center can reverse the drug problem in the state of Ohio.
According to recent government statistics, more than 250,000 Ohio citizens have reported drug dependence over a one year period in the state of Ohio and only around one quarter of them actually ended up going into a drug rehab program.

Drug abuse in Ohio is not only costing the state an enormous amount of budget money but is also causing many negative consequences to Ohio citizens. Reports on this indicate that drug abuse is a major player when it comes to crime statistics in Ohio. In fact, more than 40% of federally sentenced defendants in Ohio are imprisoned because they committed a drug offense and 36% involved one of the major drugs of addiction in the state; cocaine.

With only 14,000 inmates receiving some type of drug rehab through the state, and even less completing the treatment and staying sober, it is clear that Ohio residents that are suffering with drug abuse and need successful drug treatment before they end up in the prison system.

One program that has been successfully treating Ohio residents for more than 7 years, is the Narconon Freedom Drug Treatment Center. The Freedom Treatment Center understands the components of drug addiction and has a real solution to handling this ever-growing problem. According to their web-site at, “The [facility] does not take the traditional approaches of either a 12-Step or some other psychological approach to helping our clients rehabilitate into a healthier lifestyle. Instead, we focus on healing the client emotionally and mentally as well as physically.”

The way that Narconon Freedom Program does this is by handling the physical and emotional aspects of addiction. The physical aspect is addressed through a sauna detoxification program that removes drug residues in the body that are left by drugs. This detox process has been found to greatly reduce physical drug cravings. The second half of the program focuses on the mental and emotional components of addiction utilizing life skills therapy to handle the underlying issues of why the person started using drugs in the first place.

Narconon Freedom Program has stably achieved a 70% success rate with clients that are admitted into their program from Ohio and all across the Midwest.

Currently the state of Ohio has seen a major increase in the abuse of all types of drugs including cocaine, marijuana, heroin, methamphetamine, club drugs and pharmaceutical drugs. Don’t wait until it’s too late – if you or someone you know in Ohio is in need of a Ohio Drug Rehab program, but can't find one - contact Narconon Freedom drug treatment center today at 877-362-9682.

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