Search Engine Optimisation To Come Of Age

Essex-based SEO company High Position are expanding again.

Online PR News – 11-March-2010 – – As businesses of all types and sizes embrace the internet, Colchester based Search Engine Optimisation specialists High Position believe the time has come for firms to truly embrace the importance of good SEO.

The company was founded more than ten years ago when SEO was in its infancy. Since then it has consistently been at the forefront of what has been a constantly evolving market.

'Many people think they understand SEO, but in truth it is far more complicated than they might imagine,' explains a management source. 'It is remarkable to look back at the state of the industry when we started 10 years ago and see how it has evolved. In a world in which all companies are striving for a greater presence, good SEO services can make the difference between leading the pack and being down amongst the also-rans.'

Internet marketing is becoming more important for all sorts of companies both large and small. Even a local business can expand its footprint onto a national and even global stage through effective use of SEO. However many companies fail to understand the subject and as such can be stuck using techniques that are out-dated or ineffective.

'Search engines are increasingly on the lookout for what it sees as spamming tactics, in which identical words and phrases are used over and over again,' the source continues. 'It takes expertise to avoid falling into the trap of over optimisation. Our extensive experience and expertise in this ever changing world is invaluable at helping our clients stay ahead of the curve.'

High Position has bold plans for 2010. It has just completed an extensive office expansion and will be adding to its team of SEO specialists and copywriters throughout the year. New innovations are being introduced to supplement existing services which include pay per click, copy writing and most recently conversion rate optimisation which allows clients to see how well customers are reacting to their website.

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