Update On Developments In Kiran Infertility Centre & Immigration & Exit Visa For Surrogacy In India

Update about the latest developments of Video Scan reports in Kiran Infertility Centre Pvt. Ltd. And about Immigration and Exit Visa Stamping Formalities for Children born through Surrogacy

Online PR News – 13-August-2012 – August 13, 2012, Bowling Green Kentucky – Sai Kiran Hospital, a unit of the Kiran Infertility Center Pvt. Ltd.(KIC) based in Hyderabad India. In our continuous endeavor to update all Intended Parents across the Globe with the latest happenings in field of International Surrogacy and Cross Border Reproductive Tourism we would like to update the Parents about the Latest Development in KIC and field of Immigration and Exit Visa Stamping Formalities.

We continuously try to update ourselves with the latest happenings in the field of Surrogacy in all parameter’s Medical or Non- Medical and intend to provide better service to clients by reverse integrating all the related Medical and Non Medical Services in one loop. Hence we have designed a Surrogacy Package that meets all the needs of Intended Parents, the only thing our Intended Parents need to take care is about catching a flight and coming to Hyderabad Airport. After landing we ensure that our Patient is taken care of. We are continuously improvising at our end to make the journey of our Intended Parents to Parenthood smoother, safe, shorter, informative and more fascinating and thereby an unforgettable experience, said Mr. Anjani Kumar, Senior Case Manager at KIC

According to Mr. Anjani Kumar, KIC has implemented a new Technology that enables us to provide our Intended Parents with Video Scans of their Pregnancy. Hence on we will be reporting the progress of Pregnancy to our Intended Parents through VIDEO SCAN; with this our Intended Parents will be able to view the progress of their babies in Video’s of Scans done on Surrogate from time to time. These reports are sent post 15th week of Gestation and on a Bi- Monthly Basis. This replaces the old practice of sending Photographs of Scans. This is implemented to provide our Intended Parents more transparency and a hands on role about the progress in their Pregnancy and to make this period of wait a more fascinating moment.

Mr. Sai Raj Jaiswal, Head- Legal Operations for Surrogacy says that Intended Parents travelling to take their babies back to their Home Country will not require to visit New Delhi for processing of Immigration and Exit Visa Formalities on passports for their New Born, which was essential earlier.

Changing the earlier policy for Children born through Surrogacy in Hyderabad, wherein the Parents had to visit New Delhi to process the Exit Visa, now the Parents just need to register themselves on MHA Web-Site and take the Unique Number provided upon registration to concerned FRRO Office in Hyderabad on the Appointment Date with Necessary Documents. The entire process is completed within one or two Working Days and Parents are ready to go home with their New Born Babies within 2 days of procuring their Passport.

According to Mr. Jaiswal With this new streamlined process in place KIC was able to send an American baby born to an Indian Surrogate mother back home within 14 days of birth of the baby, out of which only 1 day was required for the Indian Exit visa formalities. Earlier this process took 3 to 4 Weeks.