Schwartzapfel Truhowsky Marcus P.C. Offers Legal Aid To The Victims Of Medical Negligence And Occupational Injuries

Schwartzapfel Truhowsky Marcus P.C. legal firm is providing full range of legal services to the people who have not been able to obtain the full compensation which they rightfully deserve for various injury related cases.

Online PR News – 11-March-2010 – – Manhattan, New York - 11 March, 2010- In modern times, where maximizing the profit is the sole aim of the employers, the employee’s right to full compensation for suffering from job related illness or injury is suppressed. The New York Workers Compensation Lawyer from the Schwartzapfel Truhowsky Marcus P.C. firm fights the cases of such employees so that they can be fully compensated.

Most of the employers and the insurance firms misguide the employees about the rightful amount that they should get as the compensation. To counter this, New York Workers Compensation Attorneys from the Schwartzapfel Truhowsky Marcus P.C. firm guides the employees about the whole procedure. The Schwartzapfel Truhowsky Marcus P.C. firm is working in collaboration with the various reputed organizations like New York Safety Net, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Department of Health. Working with these firms helps the firm to understand the laws better and get the desired results for its clients.

An attorney at the Schwartzapfel Truhowsky Marcus P.C. firm commented that most of the employees in New York are covered by the workers’ compensation insurance. But the process is so complicated and time consuming, that most of the employees opt out of it. New York Workers Compensation Lawyer’s from the Schwartzapfel Truhowsky Marcus P.C. firm are capable of taking care of the whole procedure, saving the time and energy of the person in getting the compensation. In addition to this, the clients can also visit the website of the firm which will provide them complete information required regarding the compensation eligibility procedures.

The attorney at the Schwartzapfel Truhowsky Marcus P.C. firm further elaborated on the services that the firm is providing to the people suffering due to the negligence of the medical staff. Negligence can occur at the time of delivery or during some surgery. New York Medical Malpractice Lawyer from the firm makes sure that the medical staff or the hospital pays for the damages done due to their negligence.

For the medical malpractice lawyers New York medical damage claim cases are nothing new to handle. The firm has been dealing with such cases for more than 150 years and has successfully handled many high profile cases. Attorney informed us that the firm has successfully won a compensation case worth $27 million for a baby who suffered a brain damage during delivery due to the physician’s negligence. In another case where the construction workers were hit by the vehicle, the firm has been able to get them a compensation of $6 million. The list is endless of such cases in which the firm has helped the victims to get the rightful compensation.

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