Parlance Media Announces a New Direction, New Branding and a New Attitude

A Soft Space to Land rises from the ashes of Parlance Media

Online PR News – 13-August-2012 – Dennis, MA – Parlance Media is launching A Soft Space to Land, a community and resource for metaphysical business owners.

A Soft Space to Land will open it’s doors to the public on August 17th with a “housewarming” party taking place on Twitter and Facebook. The community at A Soft Space to Land is currently in beta mode.

“Things had been iffy at Parlance Media for awhile. I finally got the hint that it was time to make a change. I haven’t actually closed the doors at Parlance Media, but I’ve made a seismic shift in how I’m offering my services and who I’m offering them to,” says Deanna Lohnes, CEO and Founder of Parlance Media.

“A Soft Space was born out of a desire to help metaphysical business owners, specifically. I don’t love the word metaphysical, but we don’t have a better word for sprit-based business owners in our vocabulary. Their needs are unique because their services are so misunderstood by the general public. I saw a need in the marketplace. I saw all these people with amazing businesses who were struggling.”

In addition to the community, A Soft Space will offer courses and ebooks using metaphysical ideas to explore business concepts and resources that apply new age ideas to business practices.

A Soft Space is a warmer, more holistic approach to business and marketing compared to Parlance Media. A Soft Space is designed to create and sense of comfort and appreciation for the struggles metaphysical business owners have.

The website for A Soft Space to Land is live at

About A Soft Space to Land
A Soft Space to Land is a community designed to cater to the unique needs of healers, artists, metaphysical and spirit-based business owners. A Soft Space to Land provides a community to create a safe place to ask questions and learn new skills. A Soft Space also provides resources and services to help metaphysical business owners build their confidence and grow their businesses.

Contact :
Deanna Lohnes
A Soft Space to Land
Dennis, MA 02638
617 903 7172