, file send and share software to soon launch Iphone App

Exclusive software for file sharing and sending for the iPad to be launched soon at the online file sharing website, The software has special features for convenient file sharing on the iPad.

Online PR News – 13-August-2012 – San Diego CA – August 7th 2012, San Diego, California

The online file send and share website ( will soon be launching a software for file sharing for iPad users. The large file sharing software will be launched on the iPhone App Store. The application will be launched for the users making online file sending and sharing convenient for Iphone users. The software will be very user friendly and also very easily available via the iPhone App store. Users can know more about the soon-to-be launched Iphone software at: uses its own personalized software for online file sharing. The files are uploaded to the user's account and a download link is then generated. The link can be posted anywhere on the Internet, such as e-mails, instant messengers and various social networking sites for easy download and file sharing.

The software will make sending and sharing of large files online for iPad users easier. The app made exclusively for the Ipad users will be available on the itself for download.

AttachMore's regular data sharing and transfer plans for other devices can be viewed on the website. The user can directly upload and share files, documents, videos and other heavy files. The large file sending software allows new users to send 500 MB data absolutely free without registration. offers data transfers of upto 10 GB and offers various file send and share plans for both business and personal use. The software for the iPad will have a right click upload option that will make uploading and sharing file effortless.

Mr. Brent Young, CEO of, while talking about the launch of the software for iPad said, “At, we understand the growing popularity of the iPad in businesses and how important it is to have such a facility for our privileged customers. The exclusive software will make file sharing and sending for iPad users as easy as the click of a button. The software features a right click upload options along with a drag and drop feature to enhance user experience.”

“Customer service is our top priority. We focus a lot on enhancing the user experience with the wide variety of services offered for large file sending and online data transfer. The files that are shared via are password protected, any data that is shared via the software is completely safe. The software for iPad will also be compatible within most OS, so the user can easily synchronize the files between the system and the iPad. The files can also be directly attached to the iPad as well. We also offer personalized download pages, download notifications, multi user accounts and easy pricing plans.” Mr. Brent further added.

The online file sharing software for iPad will be launched soon by the online file sending and sharing website,

Learn more about the online file sharing for Iphone at:

About ( ) is a web application that enables users to share large files. It is an online cache for file exchanges. The online file share website focuses on consumers and small business that frequently share large files or data online or via email. offers various usage and service plans for both personal and business uses - starting from the Free 500 MB accounts and going up to accounts for as high as 10 GB data transfer. The online file transfer software provider presents both monthly and yearly subscription plans.