Security Jobs on Demand Establishes Itself As Preeminent Site For Law Enforcement Careers
08/15/2012 provides a streamlined website which allows security job seekers and security companies to find employment. The site also enables employers to recruit staff while saving time and money.

Online PR News – 15-August-2012 – Bethesda Maryland – Bethesda Maryland- The new website (SJOD) provides a platform where job seekers, security companies, and everyday employers can easily select security personnel to assist with their businesses or daily lives. The website's goal is to provide employers and everyday citizens with an online platform to locate and hire security professionals to protect their homes, businesses and country.


Job seekers can quickly and easily find work through Security Jobs on Demand's convenient interface. They can search online using various criteria including location, industry, and types of specific security professions. Whether a candidate is looking for private security positions, bodyguard jobs, SWAT jobs, personal protection jobs, corrections positions, intelligence careers or special police officer jobs, these security careers can be found on SJOD. There are additional perks for job seekers including hosting their resume on a secure server, having the ability to create a comprehensive profile highlighting their skills, receiving security job announcements and receiving career advice from highly experienced security professionals.

The company also offers ample benefits for private security companies, as they can create company profiles promoting their capabilities. Employers can log into the site and search through security companies that have been vetted and approved to offer a full security solution. Private security company representatives can also search through employer ad postings, which offer contract opportunities.

Company President/CEO Bobby Sheppard has over 20 years combined law enforcement and intelligence experience. Sheppard states, "The private security industry is a steady and growing industry. After all, state governments are cutting back on local law enforcement within the U.S regardless of the continual threat of crime and terrorism. Private security is always a needed profession, but staffing is not always easy due to a lack of training, a lack of universal standards, and client requirements."

SecurityJobsonDemand,com is one of the first online platforms that brings hiring security out of the shadows for the general public. SJOD houses a database of thousands of highly qualified security professionals from law enforcement, the intelligence community, operational logistics, military police, special operations, and many private security disciplines. Clients can easily input the details of the types of candidates they are seeking through the Security Jobs On Demand interface. Once the prospective employer inputs his or her requirements, the highly experienced SJOD staff reviews requisitions and then begins contacting and prescreening candidates. Clients can easily view resumes and learn of candidate qualifications through their password protected "My SJOD" page.

About Security Jobs On Demand connects a highly talented pool of professionals in law enforcement and private security with job opportunities that optimize their capabilities and experience, while providing employers with the most comprehensive search platform for vetted security professionals and security companies available on the Internet. The SJOD website assists candidates seeking careers in law enforcement, intelligence, and private security positions including bodyguard jobs, security officer positions and special police officer jobs.

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