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Bharatbook added a new report on "The Top 10 Confectionery Companies" which gives market size, trends and competitive positioning of top 10 players in the global confectionery market.

Online PR News – 11-March-2010 – – The Top 10 Confectionery Companies

This report profiles the leading players in the global confectionery industry. In this report the confectionery industry is categorized as follows:

• Chocolate: molded bars, boxed chocolate, chocolate countlines, novelties and chocolate straightlines;
• Sugar confectionery: caramels and toffees, hard boiled sweets, gums and jellies, medicated confectionery, regular mints, and power mints;
• Gum: sugar free gum, regular chewing gum, functional chewing gum and bubblegum;
• Cereal bars: sports and energy bars and other bars. ( )

This report analyzes the global confectionery industry in terms of market size (estimated based on on-trade sales), key drivers and resistors, trends and competitive positioning of top 10 players in the global confectionery market. It includes profiles of the top 10 companies in the industry and also includes a brief summary of other major players. The current ranking evaluates confectionery companies based on their performance using the following intelligence metrics:

• Each company’s financial performance in the global confectionery market;
• Each company’s growth strategies and major acquisitions and divestments in this market;
• Business-related strengths and weaknesses of these companies, and insights into the opportunities and threats facing them.

Key features of this report

• Market dynamics of the global confectionery market during the period 2008-13.
• Key market drivers and resistors.
• Trends of the global confectionery market.
• Identification of the top 10 players in the global confectionery market .
• Performance of top 10 confectionery companies during 2004–08.

Scope of this report

• Learn from the strategies of the global confectionery companies to target future growth markets effectively, avoid their mistakes, replicate their successes and learn of the threats they face.
• Benchmark your performance against the leading confectionery companies by comprehending their strategies.
• Understand the major issues affecting the global confectionery market.

Key questions answered

• What was the market size of the global confectionery industry by value and volume in 2008?
• What will be the estimated market size of the global confectionery industry during 2009-13?
• What are the trends in the global confectionery industry?
• Who are the top 10 players in the market?

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