New book called Arvyndase (Silverspeech): A Short Course in the Magical Language of the Silver Elves

Learn "Arvyndase (Silverspeech): A Short Course in the Magical Language of the Silver Elves" for both gamers and Otherkin. Complete educational book of language of the SIlver Elves.

Online PR News – 11-August-2012 – Honolulu, HI – "Arvyndase (Silverspeech): A Short Course in the Magical Language of the Silver Elves" by the Silver Elves is now available on Amazon in both US and UK and contains a short course in using Arvyndase, which means SilverSpeech, a 33,000+ word language created by the Silver Elves. There are nine chapters in the book with 30 lessons in each chapter or 270 lessons altogether. The book uses a process of word substitution to gradually introduce the student to the use of the language while it speaks about the language itself, its creation, and the philosophy of the Elves. It is a language primarily created to be used in magic spells, rituals, and incantations. This book also includes a chapter of spells in Arvyndase, three scripts for use with the language, and a small dictionary of words used in the book for easy reference.

Arvyndase was created primarily to use with magic so elfin magicians, wizards, enchanters, sorcerers and other magic wielders could create and chant their spells in a magical language. This is why the last chapter in the book contains 30 invocations that can be fitted into magical rituals.

Because some elves might wish to use the language to communicate with each other, the appendices contain all the words used in this book, however, we also know that many might wish to have the full dictionary, which is too vast to put in one volume. If you want access to the complete 33,000 word dictionary, contact us and we can send you an Excel spreadsheet with the complete language as it exists at this time. However, while having the dictionary can be helpful, there are many variations of the root words that are not included in the dictionary, which is why this book is so important as it will tell you about how the language is formed, prefixes and suffixes used, and other aspects of the language. It also contains many observations about elven magic and philosophy.

Also in the appendices you will find three scripts, Arvyndase, Sylvyn and Wizard’s Script that are created to be used with the language.