Key West Vacation Guide Now Offers Snorkeling How-To's for Beginners

Key West Vacation Guide is a Key West-based travel guide offering current info on visiting Key West. Photos, restaurant reviews, and how to get the best of your vacation, including Key West snorkeling.

Online PR News – 24-June-2009 – – What the Key West snorkel boats don't tell you could seriously ruin your day on the water! Why go unprepared, when Key West Vacation Guide's Tips for Beginners page on snorkeling offers invaluable tips. When the most difficult thing about snorkeling is fitting your mask and snorkel, our new Snorkeling for Beginners page on Key West Vacation Guide's website will help you get the most out of your Key West snorkeling adventure with its sound advice.

June 20, 2009 -- KEY WEST, FL - Did you know almost everyone who goes out on Key West snorkeling trips has the same problem? And that this problem could easily avoided with a little pre-trip advice? Key West Vacation Guide's new Tips for Beginners snorkeling page had advice for your first snorkeling trip that will have you out in the water and gazing at marine life in no time.

We're proud to announce that, unlike any other Key West snorkeling page on any travel website, we offer invaluable advice for getting your gear just right and enjoying your day. These are tips from real people who went through the same things any beginning snorkeler would experience, like gear problems and using the snorkel. Instead of wasting time in the water learning how to adjust your gear, read up before you go and make sure your gear is right, before you jump into the ocean. While other snorkelers are adjusting their gear, you'll be out there on the reef taking pictures or witnessing the amazing world of the coral reef system.

"I was the first one on the reef, because I knew how to adjust my mask before I got in the water", says Melody Smit, first time snorkeler in Key West. "And it's because I learned how on Key West Vacation Guide's snorkeling page. I was the only snorkeler who saw the sea turtle because I wasn't still fiddling with my mask!" says Ms. Smith, enthusiastically.
To learn how to go snorkeling for the first time, and how to get the right gear, visit our Key West snorkeling page.