LifeCenter Plus Announces New Corporate Wellness Program In Response to Rising Health Care Costs and

orporate Wellness Program Aims to Improve the Health of Employees and Lower Health Care Costs

Online PR News – 11-August-2012 – August 10, 2012, Palo Alto California – Life Center Plus Health and Fitness Club announced the creation of their new corporate wellness program, in response to rising health care costs and the sharp increase in overweight and obese employees. The program aims to enhance the health and wellness of employees by supporting them and providing the tools for great fitness.

“U.S. businesses lose $118 billion annually in medical expenses and lost productivity. This is due largely to the fact that one-third of Americans are overweight or obese,” said Jerry Lynch, co-owner of LifeCenter Plus. “If this trend continues, nine out of 10 adults in the U.S. will be considered obese by 2030 and health care costs will rise even higher. To combat this issue, we’ve devised a dynamic new corporate wellness program for companies that will get their employees on the right track to health and fitness which will lead to lower healthcare costs.”

Corporate wellness programs provide an overall 3:1 return on investment and reduce expenditures by 25-30% in an average of three years, according to a study by Ron Goetzel, Ph.D., director of the Cornell University Institute for Health and Productivity Studies and the US Government Special Report on Obesity Costs and Work.

The LifeCenter Plus Corporate Wellness Program is designed to motivate employees and teach them how to get fit and stay healthy. The program provides LifeCenter Plus certified trainers to instruct employees on how to safely and adequately use the club and equipment. It is time and financially efficient. Free health screening and nutrition counseling will be available at the employees’ place of employment. Employees will also have over 100 free fitness classes to choose from at LifeCenter Plus.

LifeCenter Plus has been under new ownership since, September 2011. The Corporate Wellness Program is part of their new program additions and renovations to further enhance and improve the club experience. A revamped Yoga studio, new saunas and refinished racquetball courts have are among the improvements, under the new owners.

For more information on how to begin a new fall Corporate Wellness Program, at 330-655-2377, ext. 131.