New Wireless Headset Functionality Launched for 2012 by

Wireless headset systems have become the source for hands free communications in the office and call center.

Online PR News – 11-August-2012 – CA – Wireless headset systems have become the source for hands free communications in the office and call center. In 2012 manufacturers increased productivity and functionality with new wireless telephone headset features. Both Plantronics and Jabra gave their cordless headsets a make over with new advanced features. When seeking a new wireless phone headset it is a good idea to look for the latest technology to prevent having to upgrade. At an online resource specializing in phone headset solutions for the office and call center, they guarantee to have the latest in technology for hands free mobile communications.

Some new features are provided by to look for include the following:

1.Noise Cancellation - Noise canceling technology has been around for quite some time but manufacturers have recently established new ways to filter out most unwanted background noise. Most wireless headset include noise reducing technology.

2.Remote Answering - always recommends the remote handset lifter or hook switch adapter cables to include remote answering. These devices will ensure users the ability to answer calls while away from their desk.

3.Increased Roaming - Manufactures such as Plantronics have increased their roaming potential with distances now up to 350 feet. Jabra has several wireless headset systems that include a roaming range up to 450 feet.

4.Multi-Function Technology - New multi-function wireless headsets found at include hands free communication for office phones, Bluetooth mobile cell phones and USB computers.

5.Convertible Wearing Designs - Plantronics and GN Netcom include telephone headsets that feature multiple wearing styles such as over the ear, over the head and behind the neck for all day comfort.

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