TeethCenter Says Using An Electric Toothbrush Can Prevent Cavities

Teeth Center, a dental website, says that dentists surveyed see an advantage in using an electric toothbrush.

Online PR News – 10-August-2012 – San Diego, CA – With Electric Toothbrushes becoming more popular each year, dental patients are wondering if the electric approach is worth the extra money. Leticia Gonzalez, a dental hygienist at the Douglas County Dental Clinic is Kansas is one the many dental practitioners who see the value is this type of toothbrush in preventing cavities, "an electric toothbrush is a lot more effective at removing plaque than a manual toothbrush. This is primarily due to the electric toothbrush not relying on dexterity as much as the manual toothbrush."

TeethCenter staff says that their in house dentist and many dentist they speak to seem to see the value in this type of toothbrush. Despite this fact, the American Dental Association still doesn't not stand behind the electric toothbrush stating that the frequency and brushing style are more important. The ADA also recommends flossing and getting regular dental check ups to prevent cavities.

Consumers that are interested in making the switch to an electric toothbrush, can read the electric toothbrush reviews at http://www.teethcenter.com

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