All Conferencing Launches Negotiation Services to Solve Problem of Meeting Coordination.

All Conferencing adds patent pending meeting negotiation and scheduling tools to their Advanced Meeting Manager. Clients needing to negotiate convenient times to schedule a meeting can now do so from their web browsers.

Online PR News – 11-March-2010 – – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE. Los Angeles, CA – All Conferencing has unveiled Negotiation Services as new add-on to their Advanced Meeting Manager, All Conferencing’s online interface for planning, negotiating, and scheduling conference calls. Negotiation Services is patent-pending technology that allows moderators to schedule a meeting time and date with their participants over the internet. The first drag and drop service of its kind, it promises to streamline meeting assembly. Business professionals frustrated with endless games of phone tag and emails, all to schedule a meeting, will no doubt find comfort in a service that completes the job of getting colleagues and clients together.

“Through our experience with thousands of customers, we have discovered that scheduling meetings is a key source of frustration. Our research has shown that it takes a typical moderator nearly 60 phone calls to set up a meeting. This time and money clearly is better spent on an instant call to conference, negotiated online as a team,” said Dr. B. Gopinath, Chairman and Founder of All Conferencing.

Users create an appointment in their Advanced Meeting Manager then drag and drop the appointment into the Negotiation Services link. From here, the user selects options and the system generates automatic emails that contact all participants, asking them to choose between five meeting dates and times. Specific time zones can be selected for each of the five meeting choices in an effort to connect participants separated internationally.
So how does a participant set his meeting preferences? Each participant receives an email with a link which contains the meeting date and time choices. Participants click to choose what works for them and what doesn’t. That information is sent back to the moderator to their Advanced Meeting Manager interface. Once everyone has voted, the moderator accepts the most popular time and the meeting is automatically scheduled and added to everyone’s calendar.
In addition to negotiating meetings, clients can also use the Advanced Meeting Manager to schedule a conference, either audio or web conferencing. Participants can be located anywhere in world thanks to international toll free calling. Clients can also create phone and text message reminders for calendar appointments.

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About All Conferencing:

All Conferencing is a technology company that provides audio and web conferencing services to small and large businesses. Founded in 1999, All Conferencing is the creator of the patent-pending Advanced Meeting Manager, an online user interface with drag and drop solutions to negotiate meetings, schedule conferencing, and create phone and text message reminders. All Conferencing is a part of Lotus Interworks, a parent company that provides Internet and mobile based hardware and software technology to both businesses and the consumer. They have provided real-time solutions for some of the world’s leading enterprises.