Fedgesoft LLC Launches New Positive Thinking Website And Companion Android Social App

Fedgesoft LLC just launched a new website, Hizzappy.com, that is centered around positivity and positive thinking. The site is free to join and encourages visitors to share their happy thoughts, ideas, and stories with the world.

Online PR News – 14-August-2012 – Beloit, WI – Hizzappy.com was created as an experiment in spreading positivity online. Far too often, we’re surrounded by various forms of negativity that seem to pervade our everyday lives and we’d like to change that along with our visitor's help. Hizzappy will allow all who wish to participate an opportunity to share their positive thoughts, accomplishments, and ideas with a potential world audience. We’ve also setup several free tools that allow people to easily and anonymously submit what’s on their mind directly to Hizzappy.com:

- An Android mobile app (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=air.com.fedgesoft.hizzappy) that lets users create brief topic posts under a forum group called Positive Thinking.

- Kiosks (https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Hizzappy-Terminal/3791182) inside the virtual world known as Second Life that allows residents to also create posts.

- Anyone can create a free account directly on Hizzappy.com, as well, that will give them more options and greater control of their submitted ideas.

When users create a free account on Hizzappy, they gain the following benefits:

- They become a part of our social network dedicated to positive thinking, which allows them to create full posts (non-member app and kiosks only allow 255 character posts made under a shared general account).

- They’ll be able to meet other members that they can friend, IM (instant message), and reply/vote on topics and posts made in our forum.

- If they choose, they can share their interests, sites, profile pic, etc., and further engage in a social community built around positivity.

- Become a regular contributor to Hizzappy and gain points for their thoughts that other members vote on.

Fedgesoft is creating a shift in the current offering of social community sites that incorporates multiple technologies all centered around positive thinking.