Rehab Center Improves Workplace Efficiency For Disabled Adults With Span-Track From Unex
8 August 2012

New Span-Track carton flow system creates ergonomically sound assembly line for workers at Open Door Rehabilitation Center in Sandwich, IL

Online PR News – 08-August-2012 – Sandwich, IL – The Open Door Rehabilitation Center has installed a new carton flow system to create an ergonomic and more efficient assembly line for adult disabled workers.

The center recently installed 50 lanes of Span-Track from UNEX at its Illinois facility to support the assembly and shipping of components used in the automotive industry. Clients at the center snap together small clips that are used to hold hoses and other car components.

Our workers assemble more than a million of these components each year, which can result in considerable wear and tear on the body.

"This is a repetitive pick and assembly process," explained Jim Porter, production manager. "Our workers assemble more than a million of these components each year, which can result in considerable wear and tear on the body."

In the past, 10- to 25-pound cartons containing components to be picked were stacked on sheets of plywood. “Our clients had to drag the cartons forward, pick them up, and move them to the picking area,” Porter said.

The Span-Track carton flow system is designed to reduce travel time to pick orders and ensure the product is always at an ergonomic, accessible pick point.

"Our workers are physically and mentally handicapped, but they are hard workers and want to do a great job," Porter said. "Span-Track helps our clients work smarter and without injuries."

The new carton flow system also helps the team maximize space at the center, which is constantly adding new programs and classes for the disabled. "About 30 percent of our assembly space has been transformed recently into an exercise room and classrooms," Porter said. "Space is at a premium here, and Span-Track helps us get the most out of our facility."

About Unex Manufacturing: Unex Manufacturing, Inc. (http://), headquartered in Jackson, NJ, is a top developer and quality manufacturer of carton flow solutions for order picking operations. Unex focuses on the design and production of gravity conveyors and shelving, modular workstations and dynamic storage. Unex Manufacturing is an ISO-certified company and a member of the Jackson Chamber of Commerce.

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