FREE Hypnosis mp3 Download Site Signs Up New NLP hypnotherapist.

FREE hypnosis download site acquires the rights to give away the hypnosis recordings of renowned hypnotherapist Robert Seigal. This means his recordings are now available as instant free hypnosis mp3 downloads.

Online PR News – 10-March-2010 – – One of the webs most popular FREE hypnosis mp3 downloads sites has acquired the rights to give away 8 recordings by renowned NLP hypnotist Robert Seigel.

The site's success is due to the fact it offers visitors a wide range of commercial mp3 self-hypnosis recordings completely free of charge. Until recently most of the recording available were by retired Harley Street hypno-analyst Steven Luzern. However, with the addition of Robert Seigel the range of free hypnosis recordings available for download has now increased considerably. Any person visiting the site can download their choice of the free hypnosis audio recordings on offer.

As Christine McDonald explained, “All the free hypnosis mp3 recordings of Robert Seigel are full commercial recordings.” Christine further went on to explain, “These free hypnosis mp3 downloads of Robert Seigel are still being sold on the Internet by other websites. Yet we have purchased the author's consent to make these hypnosis recordings available totally free of charge to our sites visitors”.

This recently relaunched web site announced it was already receiving over 10,000 unique hit each week. Therefore, with the addition of Robert Seigel's hypnosis recordings it is anticipated that the amount of visitors will keep on increasing.

The free hypnosis downloads added to the site include recordings to help with problems including; smoking cessation, weight loss, confidence boosting, and making dreams come true.