International Career Institute Launches Online Frontline Management Course

The Frontline Management Course at the International Career Institute (ICI) has been designed in consultation with leading industry representatives. It promises to help students learn skills pertaining to Frontline Management both quickly and conveniently.

Online PR News – 10-March-2010 – – Sydney, March 05, 2010- The International Career Institute or ICI has realized the unbound potential of the frontline management sector. Demand for personnel well-trained in production of goods and services and supervision of clerical staff and shop floor employees has led the ICI to formulate, with the aid of industrial experts, a course in frontline management and operations. This course will help potential students fast track their careers in frontline management as well as learn the inside secrets of how frontline managers effectively manage people and projects. And since the course is online, it will free up valuable time so that students can work and study at the same time. Surely, it is one of the fastest and one of the most economic ways to study frontline management today. All students will have personalized access to tutors and study at their own pace whenever and wherever they feel comfortable.

The course content has been constructed with the aid of expert professionals in the field of frontline management and so it can certainly equip students in the best possible way. As part of the curriculum, the frontline management course at the ICI will include topics such as implementing effective workplace relationships, implementing operation plans, promoting team effectiveness, developing work priorities, monitoring a safe workplace, implementing workplace information system (IS), implementing continuous improvement, developing teams and individuals, identifying risks and applying risk management processes, and managing budgets and financial plans within the work team.

By covering core management requirements, the frontline management course at the ICI becomes appropriate for those who want to become— effective team members, proactive and innovative contributors, recognized as personnel who can plan and consistently reach their goals, effective and efficient team oriented managers, and personnel capable of improving profitability in the organizations they work for.

Current, students can take the frontline management course at three levels: the certificate, the diploma, and the advanced diploma. The frontline management course at ICI requires no previous work experience or educational requirements for entry into any course level, so that certainly makes the applicants lives easier. Yet, this course is fully recognized and accredited by the International Association of Private Career Colleges. The frontline management course is unique and follows hands-on methods of learning which makes the learning wholesome for the various candidates. It would be further reassuring for aspiring students to know that various government departments and businesses have already enrolled their own staffs with ICI for further training in frontline management.

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