Promotional Koozies In All Shapes: Now Available With Discount Favors

People say that customization of koozies is very much limited. It really isn’t. Like any other promotional product, the koozies can be customized to a great extent, according to the professionals of Discount Favors.

Online PR News – 24-June-2009 – – Pensacola, FL ( Onlineprnews ) Jun 24, 2009 -“Koozies are considered to be the best promotional items to promote the brand in the great crowds like the stadiums and other crowd venues. The clients will be happy to have these koozies as they are of great use to them to preserve the condition of the beverages no matter what the weather condition is. Though the promotional koozies come with all these advantages, many of the marketers stay away from them just because of the misconception that the koozies are customizable only to a certain extent. We at Discount Favors allow no compromise to the degree of customization in any product and the koozies ( are no exception. If you have the imagination we can have it presented in the form of koozies to promote your brand” says Mr. Carl of Discount Favors.

Speaking about the customization options available for the promotional Koozies, Mr. Carl said, “Unlike the olden days when the koozies cannot be customized beyond changing colors and printing the logo and promotional message, today, even the shapes of the koozies can be changed. Many promotional product manufactures stay away from customizing the shape of the koozies as it is a complicated task and need the best, expensive machinery to manufacture. Though the shapes of the koozies are changed, they should seal the beverage container perfectly and this entirely depends on the skills of the promotional product designer. Our team of professional promotional product designers with years of expertise can plan and manufacture the custom koozies the way our clients need.”

Speaking on the move, Mr. Carl said, “Custom koozies ( can be made in the shape of team jerseys, soccer and golf balls and inn many more designs. We analyze the nature of your business first and will also help you in planning a design for the custom koozies to promote your brand. This is what our clients like the most. Our design advise has helped many marketers out there to launch cost effective, successful marketing campaigns.”

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