U.S. City Database Instant Download Offered in MySQL, CSV, and Microsoft Excel Formats for Faster Website Development

Website developer releases a U.S. city database for download by other webmasters, web application programmers, and web designers for faster development of navigation, search engine optimization (SEO), and geographical based content.

Online PR News – 10-March-2010 – – Nampa, ID – Top Seller Sites, a leading real estate website and SEO firm in Idaho with clients nationwide, released a city database today for instant download by other webmasters, web application programmers, and web designers. The database is offered in MySQL, CSV, and Microsoft Excel formats to make deployment fast and easy for professionals.

Kevin Harper, President of Top Seller Sites, says that his city database will save other developers the countless hours it took him to build the resource.

"When I first started doing website development for real estate websites that required extensive navigation of states, counties, and cities, I spent an inordinate amount of time putting together this city database."

In retrospect, he now says he was reinventing the wheel, but is able to save other webmasters a lot of time by offering an instant download of his database of U.S. cities at an extremely affordable cost.

"Now that I have the data, I can focus my creativity on the website project at hand, knowing that I have the proper tools to get maximum results. Better yet, I can offer this to other professionals to help them expand their tool set and save time."

But Harper says that time is not the only thing other webmasters will be able to save.

"Time is money in this economy. Most web developers want to get to the nuts and bolts of the project as quickly as possible, because that's what our passion is. That's how we earn a living. This instantly downloadable database allows webmasters to do just that."

He says the bottom line is that armed with this downloadable database of U.S. cities, it is possible to extensively optimize content items, menu navigation, titles, and URLs for any city, county, or state in the United States.

"This MySQL city database has allowed me to do some pretty amazing things with my website projects. I am looking forward to giving other webmasters the opportunity to benefit from it."

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