Quick Mac editor for video to flash with built-in player

To provide a quick solution to customers with simple video editing function on Mac OS, Moyea released Flash Video MX for Mac to convert video to flash with built-in flash player for publishing video.

Online PR News – 10-March-2010 – – Kunshan, China - Moyea Software today announced the updated version of Flash Video MX for Mac with the bug fix for the product to enable the video editing function on the application. This helps users to edit video with the particular duration and audio with built-in player.

Comparing to other video editing software like Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, Flash Video MX for Mac does not include timeline or detailed editing function. However, Flash Video MX for Mac provides an easy access to user to trim video with start point and end point, simple filter effects, watermark adding, and audio replacement.

The trimming function of the application enables users to enter the start time and the end time to specify the duration for the output video. End users can also set the current time as the start time when video is playing, just like Adobe Premiere. The audio replacement function makes it easy to change the sound with a preferred music, song or other audio file.

Flash Video MX for Mac comes with logo watermark and text watermark options for video editing. The watermarks could be placed to any position of the video to make the video give credits to users. The video filter effects like gray and aged film, helps users change the look of the video and make special video according to the video type.

"Soon after the release of Flash Video MX for Mac, there were reports from customers saying that the application crashed after clicking the Editor button on the UI. We did tests and figured out the solution for the problem so that users can customize the video as they like." said Joe, the product manager of Flash Video MX for Mac.

Flash Video MX also provides built-in player for users to publish video online. With the built-in player, users just need to upload videos, embed to web page, and the effects will display on internet browsers like IE, Safari, Firefox, and Chrome.

Price and Availability
Moyea Flash Video MX for Mac is available to buy from all major resellers or direct from http://www.moyea.com at the price of $89.95 USD. End user can get the full version and pass Flash variables to player without Moyea logo on the output file.
There is try-before-you-buy version at http://www.moyea.com/video-to-flash-for-mac/
For more information about Moyea Flash Video MX for Mac, please visit http://www.moyea.com

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