NCE Global: A New Contender in the Health Supplement Arena

NCE Global has some exciting news; they have launched a new website. At only 6 months old, it is a very young site. However, it is a site worth visiting- a site with items that work.

Online PR News – 04-August-2012 – Irvine, California – After a good bout in the Chinese market, NCE Global has decided to expand in the direction of the American market. NCE Global’s previous website had been operating for approximately two years before they decided to venture upon a new, westernized avenue with The preceding site,, had done quite well in the two years prior. These years showcased the true nature of the products being sold as being solid products which many people enjoyed. The Chinese market had clamored over NCE Global’s natural supplements. “We had a thrilling achievement last year; more than 500,000 bottles of Newcell were launched into the market before the all quickly sold out” says Marketing Manager Pie Tan. This marked a turning point for NCE Global. Their products were in demand.

These goods are not just all talk. They yield results. According to experts, this is due to elements acting as antioxidants in the body in order to serve and aid in the elimination of free radicals. Items like Newcell also support a healthy circulatory system which eliminates toxins from the body. Also, in other supplements, increased nitric oxide production improves circulation to the body’s vital organs- including heart and brain. This, in essence, is good for your body all around. It is a lifestyle that this new website is promoting- a lifestyle that increases one’s overall nutrition. “These are all cutting-age products that were developed by specialists from a manufactory and several famous universities such as University of Pennsylvania. NCE Global devotes itself to providing customers with the most advanced and effective supplements available” Tan adds.

With many nutritional benefits, these unique health supplements are ready to be placed into the American marketplace. America ought to get ready. This new site offers products that fit the bill. NCE Global wants to make a name for itself. There are not many retailers out there that sell these kinds of health supplements and the market is wide open. Not to mention NCE Global’s new American market site is a more user friendly site and that can provide assurance to prospective buyers. It is apparently understood that consumers want direct navigational tools and intuitive interfaces. This is what is offered to the public by NCE Global’s new wesbite.

NCE Global was established in March 1997. Now, all efforts are being put forth to improve the health and quality of life for all of the people that the products are intended to help. This company develops each product using extensive knowledge from a team of internationally trained, industry proven experts. There are already more than thirty different kinds of unique formulas that these experts have developed. This company is a very wide-spread and multifaceted company. The company’s global sales office is headquartered in a cutting-edge facility located in Irvine, California. Branches are distributed in Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Although set in multiple places NCE’s goal remains the same- to do whatever possible to create a better livelihood for people. These health products showcase just that.

Check out NCE Global’s new website:

Janelle Martin
Marketing and SEO
NCE Global Inc.