Natural Rock Designs Introduces Rock Solid Farm And Ranch Entrance Signs, No Assembly, Ready To Set
4 August 2012
Natural Rock Designs blends the latest technology with hand tooling in creating a modernized stone-age product. Designed on a computer, but actually carved in beautiful natural stone with hand-held tools, the rocks are literally cut out of the mountain at Utah’s finest rock quarries (owned by Natural Rock Designs’ sister companies). The signs are environmentally friendly and fit into the natural setting of farms and ranches. Since every rock is different, every natural-rock entrance sign is one of a kind, symbolizing the unique characteristics of the ranch or farm they represent. You would expect that signs made of a large, naturally shaped rock would be heavy and awkward, making installation more complicated than other types of signs. But with their farm and ranch signs, Natural Rock Designs has taken something difficult and made it simple by constructing these monument signs to stand on their own and still retain a natural appearance. As one would assume, these rock signs are dense and heavy, so the right equipment is needed to off-load them from the delivery truck. Preparing the ground and arranging for equipment is the only effort needed. With the right equipment, the off-loading and setting process is very simple, especially with the clear instructions and coaching from Natural Rock Designs. The density of these sturdy signs becomes a tremendous advantage during tornado and hurricane season. They are not likely to float away in a flood either. Although the basic material of these entrance signs could have been used in the Stone Age, the tools available to us now simplify the process, especially for the customer. Computer graphics software and e-mail allows the customer to participate with Natural Rock Designs in the design process to produce a unique design that fits the personality of the customer’s ranch and the natural shape of the rock they choose. Once the rock and design meet the customer’s approval, what they see digitally is what they get in reality. After digitally plotting a basic outline to put on the rock, everything is done by hand from then on. The finished product is a beautiful, unique, handcrafted, natural rock sign. “You can’t be any more environmentally sensitive than by taking a natural piece of solid rock cut right out of a mountain and make it into an impressive entrance sign”, says Jeff Sagers, owner of Natural Rock Designs and natural stone quarries like Castle Valley Stone and Southwest Stone. In a society that increasingly values using natural materials in manufacturing, most of the sign industry has moved to man-made materials, many of which are petroleum based. But not Natural Rock Designs. The life of a farmer or a rancher is chosen because of a love of the outdoors and working in harmony with the beauty that nature provides. The purpose of a sign at the entrance to any establishment is to reflect the values and purpose of what it represents. The customers of Natural Rock Designs have discovered the perfect symbol to express that purpose and those values--a farm or ranch entrance sign carved in a solid, natural rock. For more information contact Alan Bylund at 801-476-3332, e-mail: Natural Rock Designs 6640 S Hwy 89, Ogden, UT 84405