All New Pro Tee 2.0 – Experience The Uniqueness

The new Pro Tee 2.0 is a golfer’s delight. It has some unique features like network play with 8 players online, HD support, realistic animations, 3D graphics engine and much more. You can play full swing without any limits. What’s more? This golf simulator comes with more than 70 3D indoor golf courses.

Online PR News – 10-March-2010 – – Take a look at the unique features of Pro Tee golf simulator and you will be hooked to it for life. The advanced features of this system offer amazingly realistic experience. We bet, you will not feel the need to visit a golf course. Once you buy this indoor golf, you will get addicted to it. This is no ball talk the features are indeed astonishing. Moreover, it is very simple and easy to use. You need not be a pro at technology to use golf simulator systems. They are extremely user friendly and loaded with some outstanding features. Here are some of its unique features.

Unique Features

Are you wondering what makes this virtual golf so unique? Well, it is loaded with some out of the world features like advanced sensors, touch screen, graphics, realistic view, ball flight trajectory and much more. The sensors of indoor golf simulators allow you to play the game with real golf clubs and real golf ball. You can choose the drive, put, chip, pitch and much more. It also allows you to choose the indoor golf game modes with longest drive or nearest to pin contest.

The club mat too comes with high accuracy optical sensors. It can accurately detect the club head speed, the club face angle, the club head path, the ball launch velocity, the ball launch path angle, ball spin rates and directions and a lot more.

Want To Stroll Around The Golf Course?

This seems to be a weird question but the advanced graphics of golf game simulator will turn this into reality. The 3D graphics engine allows real time movement inside the golf course. You can simply stroll through the course and see the lakes or the hills. You can also see what lies beyond the hill, just incase your ball goes beyond the hill. This feature is extremely unique, since most of the systems will only show a static view of the course.

However, with Pro Tee golf simulator you can navigate the virtual camera and experience every bit of the golf course. If that is not enough, you can set the camera to be inside the ball. This way you will be able to see the ball fly along its trajectory. It has realistic high detailed characters and animations. The virtual golf simulator uses digitized photos and computer generated graphics to show the ball bounce on the different terrains. The sound effects and visuals of indoor golf simulator are so enticing; it can hook you on for hours. You can literally hear the splash of a ball in the lake.

What’s more? You can set the weather conditions of the golf simulators for home to suit your mood. If you are fed up with the snow then a pleasant sunshine will serve as a perfect background for your game. You can control full weather conditions, pick your character, fill your golf bag and choose your favorite clubs. There is more to a golfing simulator than we can write in this article. If you want to experience the ultimate golfing game, then buy golf simulator and play the game in the comfort of your home or office.