(Baltimore, MD) March 9, 2010 Fred Liebau of Bulwark Software lends insight into corporate identity theft

Corporate identity theft is on the rise, literally costing many companies a fortune.

Online PR News – 10-March-2010 – – Corporate identity theft comes in several forms: using a business name on an online merchant account, finding sensitive information in trash bins, hacking into a corporation's website to steal or corrupt date, or designing a website with a similar domain name to steal traffic that would have gone to the legitimate company. "Corporate identity theft has the impact to leave a once prominent business crippled with negative consequences", says Fred Libeau CEO of Bulwark Software.

Once a criminal has access to your accounts, it is not much more difficult for the criminal to commit a wide variety of financial crimes. These are some measures to prevent coprorate identity theft:

# Careful maintenance and security of your website is most critical
# Shred all paper documents to percent sensitive data from being stolen.
# Secure your computer networks by regularly updating virus protection software, strengthening firewalls, adware and spyware blockers and changing passwords periodically.

"It is very important to implement a system designed to prevent and manage such a security breach," adds Liebau. Make sure your staff and other members of the company are well aware of all risks that exist. In a worse case scenario, you should immediately contact your lawyer and the local authorities. This will ensure you that insurance claims and potential investigations are not compromised. Keep your methods of protecting up to date and be vigilant about protecting sensitive material.

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