Mortgage Canada Calculator

Syndicate Mortgages Inc. is a leading Canadian mortgage

brokerage with 10 branch locations across Ontario. It specializes in

residential, commercial, and construction financing. It helps provide the

lowest mortgage interest rates possible. To help its clients calculate

mortgage financing on their own, it has provided a mortgage Canada

calculator on its website.

Online PR News – 10-March-2010 – – Syndicate Mortgages Inc., a leading Canadian mortgage brokerage, with corporate offices in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, specializes in residential, commercial, and construction financing. It helps people find the lowest mortgage Canada rates. Mindful of the fact that people try to locate the best mortgage interest rates possible, it has easy and low interest loans to offer.

According to its spokesperson, “We do our best to make it easy to lock in lower interest rates for your Canada Mortgage.”

Syndicate Mortgages ( has provided a mortgage Canada calculator on its website to help its clients calculate their mortgage financing.

Adding further, its spokesperson said, “This tool is meant to help give you a better sense of what a good mortgage Canada rates for your home might be.”

For their home purchase, debt consolidation, mortgage transfer, or for their mortgage refinance rates, people look through various mortgage interest rates. Through the online mortgage Canada calculator provided on its website, Syndicate Mortgages helps its prospective clients to have an idea of what to look for in their mortgage loan.

With this information, says its spokesperson, “it will be easier for you to find and lock in lower interest rates for your home loan.”

Syndicate Mortgages says that it has easy low interest rates and is happy to pass along these rates to its clients. While helping its clients find the best mortgage Canada rates for their mortgage refinancing, it also helps them ease through the process.

Syndicate Mortgages has access to a plethora of lending institutions including major banks, credit unions, trust companies, and private funds. This enables the brokerage to shop around for the best interest rates and products to suit its clients’ requirements.

With the best of Ontario mortgage experts on its staff, who provide the expertise and knowledge in the dynamic market, Syndicate Mortgages is able to provide “solid financial advice, as well as a superior level of service.”

Understanding that different people have different needs, Syndicate Mortgages offers a number of mortgage products. These are: Home Purchase Mortgage; Home Equity Loan; Mortgage Renewal; Commercial Mortgages; Self Employed Mortgage; among others.

Syndicate Mortgages provides its clients the help of mortgage professionals to make the correct decisions. Knowing that most homeowners simply sign the mortgage renewals without making an effort to shop for the best rates and terms, it does the needful on its clients’ behalf.

It ensures that mortgage refinance benefits its clients by offering the best mortgage Canada rates, thereby reducing their monthly outgo.

Its spokesperson lastly added, “When you are dealing with us, you can rest assured that you are in the safe hands of a true professional company which has your best interest at heart. We measure our success by your satisfaction.”

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