Community Asked to Rally Again For Deaf and Blind Students

With the slow recovery of the economy and significant budget cuts, local businesses work with the Parent Teacher Association of Jean Massieu School for the Deaf to raise money for the school’s playground.

Online PR News – 09-March-2010 – – Salt Lake City, Utah – For the first time in more than ten years, the Jean Massieu School for the Deaf (JMS) has a permanent building, but no funds remain to provide a play ground for the students.

The community rallied for these students a year ago, voicing their support, writing many letter and emails in support of additional funding for the school. Why, in hopes of finally getting their own permanent building. JMS was required to move from one borrowed building to another for eight years. Nearly every year for ten years, teachers were asked to pack up their class rooms. These children, deaf or blind, or deaf and blind, were asked to adjust, yet again, to new surroundings. This tremendous outpouring of Community support, political protests, “USDB Classroom Emergency” letters and emails written to congressmen and legislators were not unheard, SB201 passed for the issuance of bonds for USDB to buy Libby Edwards and the property (1655 E. 3300 South).

A year later, the reality of the economy, the limited funds available to JMS are stretched as far as funds can be stretched. In 2009, it was reported that Utah Schools for the Deaf would suffer a $2.25 Million Dollar Budget Cut, and later an additional $611,000 cut; totaling $2.86 Million dollars.

It has also been reported that this year’s cuts will be significantly higher, the schools are required to cut an additional $908,500 this fiscal year and to be prepared for a potential cut of $1.13 million next year.

Superintendent Steve Noyce has the following to say in this regard:
“The Utah Schools for the Deaf and the Blind remain an exemplary school system, on so many counts — including the excellence of students, faculty, and staff. I do believe that we will emerge from the current difficulties ready to continue our progress toward becoming one of the nation’s greatest educational programs for blind, deaf, and deafblind students.”

Everyone is trying their very best, and succeeding in providing for these children, the educators and the staff who nurture them.

The PTA has stepped in, with the determination to do whatever necessary to raise funds for JMS’ students to have what all children have, a play ground.

The PTA counted its pennies to buy 100 Dominos Pizza “Where’s the Dough” $10 Gift Cards, 90% of those sales will go towards building the play ground, local Mary Kay Representatives have committed 40% of their sales, Mr. Chem-Dry and All Clean Air Duct Cleaning has donated $20 gift cards and 100% of those sales will go towards building the play ground.

For additional information, or to make a direct donation, contact the JMS PTA at Or by phone, Office Video Phone: 801 657 5895 (relay or direct calls) or by mail to Jean Massieu School for the Deaf, Attn PTA, 1655 E. 3300 South, Salt Lake City, Utah 84106.

Local Business:
Mr Chem-Dry gives you all of the advantages of hot water extraction cleaning with none of the disadvantages. Our patented extraction process uses 1/5 of the water of traditional steam cleaning. You receive thorough, deep cleaning, fast dry times and your carpets look great and stay clean longer. Safe, non-toxic, rapid drying, economical, stays clean longer, no sticky residue, removes dirt, grease and most pet stains. To purchase a $20 Gift Card contact Mr. Chem-Dry at 1-866-400-7761,.

All Clean Air Duct Cleaning - “Your home isn’t clean until your air ducts are clean!” Serving Northern Utah for over 15 years. All Clean Air Duct Cleaning cleans according to the guidelines of the NADCA (The National Air Duct Cleaning Association). To purchase a $20 Gift Card contact 866-400-8331 Remember, 100% will go towards building a play ground.

Domino’s Pizza works hard to make a positive impact, “Where’s the Dough” provides fund-raising opportunities for non-profit organizations. To purchase one of these gift cards, contact Jared 801-589-2050. If your organization needs to raise funds for any reason, call Linda at 801-968-3953 Ext 12.

Melissa Woodruff Independent Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay, Setting a standard for outstanding service within the community. View a catalogue on line at Contact Melissa at 801-769-6874 for details on ordering and ensuring that 40% of your purchase price goes to the JMS play ground fund.

For other companies who care, visit the following websites:

• The Flood Co. (;
• ACI Call Tracking (;
• Bio Clean of Utah (;
• All Clean Air Duct Cleaning (;
• Mr Chem-Dry (

Remember, companies that care are the corner stones of any community. The companies who care, are the companies that matter. Support the companies that support your community.

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