Green Glue Helps Noiseproof Your Life

Versatile, Easy-to-Use Noiseproofing Solution Helps Reduce Noise by up to 90 Percent

Online PR News – 10-March-2010 – – Fargo, ND – Noise is pervasive. It invades our homes and offices, interferes with leisure time and disrupts sleep. At its best, noise is a mere annoyance; at its worst, it can have a significant impact on quality of life. But a noiseproofing compound from The Green Glue Company helps stop the noise – and noiseproof your life.

Green Glue, the company’s showcase product, is a cost-effective, easy-to-use noiseproofing solution ideal for use in the construction and renovation of single and multi-family homes, commercial properties and hotels, home theaters and other entertainment spaces.

Green Glue is an eco-friendly viscoelastic compound used between layers of standard drywall to ensure best-in-class soundproofing at the lowest cost among competing products. Green Glue dramatically improves sound isolation and significantly lessens impact noise and structure-borne sound transmission.

STC (or Sound Transmission Class) is the industry measurement system used to determine the degree to which a wall can stop sound transmission. The higher the STC score, the lower the amount of sound transmission occurring from one room to the other and the quieter the connecting room. Walls containing one layer of drywall typically register an STC level of 33-36. An application of Green Glue and an additional layer of drywall will improve the STC score to 45 or higher, decreasing sound transmission by up to 90 percent. As additional layers of Green Glue and drywall are used on the walls, ceiling and floor these results are further amplified.

Says Brian Ravnaas, Technical Innovation Manager, “Green Glue has become one of the most popular noiseproofing products in the country not only because it is cost-effective and fast and easy to install, but because it works. We’ve conducted hundreds of tests – both in our in-house testing lab and through independent soundproofing labs – and Green Glue consistently tops competitive soundproofing technologies in its ability to dissipate sound energy and deliver optimum STC scores.”

Green Glue is also the most effective noiseproofing solution on the market at dissipating low frequency bass sounds, those associated with subwoofers in home theater entertainment systems and other external environmental noises.

Continues Ravnaas, “Green Glue’s effectiveness at dissipating low frequency sounds has made it a top choice among home theater and home studio audiences, but this quality also has made it universally recognized as an excellent choice for a variety of residential and commercial noiseproofing projects.”

One case of Green Glue can typically cover 100-200 square feet; a typical room requires three to five cases of Green Glue to be completely noiseproofed. Each case contains 12 29-oz. tubes of Green Glue.

Green Glue is the most cost efficient noiseproofing option on the market and is fast and easy to install. Costs for noiseproofing start under .50¢ per square foot and the company estimates that an average 15 by 15 foot entertainment room can be soundproofed with Green Glue for roughly $350 in addition to the cost of drywall.

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About Green Glue
Founded in 2003, The Green Glue Company is an R&D and manufacturing firm specializing in viscoelastic materials and is a leading producer of sound isolation products used in residential and commercial noiseproofing. Green Glue, the company’s first product, is now the best selling product of its kind worldwide. Green Glue is marketed and sold for new construction and remodeling of residential, home theater, recording studio, hospitality, and multi-family construction. The Green Glue Company is wholly owned by Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics Corporation, a leading international producer of construction products, high-performance materials such as abrasives, high-performance plastics, industrial ceramics and reinforcements, flat glass and, packaging (glass bottles). The company is also a leading distributor of building materials.