MEMS Displays Their Diversification in Portable Exhibition Stands

MEMS International, a well-known name in the exhibition stand industry updates their portable exhibition stands portfolio.

Online PR News – 01-August-2012 – Chessington – Surrey, United Kingdom, August 01, 2012 - Long standing exhibit consultants MEMS International have added two new portable exhibition stands to their online portfolio to display their adaption to the trends of 2012. Their blossoming portfolio displays exhibition stands ranging from 2005 up until the present date. Thus, they are displaying their capacity and capability to deal with a whole host of needs and requirements. Their clientele includes the likes of Microseismic, Shwarzkopf, Baker Hughes, Smith International and Pantene.

MEMS International have been in the industry since 1987 and their recent additions to their portfolio aim to display how they have kept relevant and are up to date with the latest trends. The most recent of the transportable exhibition stands on their website is one created for Intelsec for the purpose of a Counter Terror Exposition. The design stays away from the traditional box shape by having slanted edges and shapes protruding out of the box to create a more dynamic effect. The base colour of the stand is black, with harsh white and vivid red tones being used throughout. The recent trends for colour schemes when it comes to exhibition stands and displays is to use a conservative colour and catch attention by incorporating a bold and bright colour to create an evident and eye-catching contrast. This display stand, certainly, plays to that trend.

The second display, which has recently been added to MEMS International’s portfolio, is an Eco build portable exhibition stand, which was created for the utilisation of Dow Building Solutions. Incorporating with the previous display mentioned in this Press Release, the Dow Building Solutions stand plays around with the utilisation of shapes. However, it displays another area of the company’s ability to keep up with today’s trends; lighting. With the constant advances in technology, the capability and utilisation of lighting is something, which is ever changing. It can be used on portable exhibition stands to create the right mood, vibe and level of attraction to certain details. In this case, it has been used to draw attention to two display boards and more vividly a centre computer screen.

MEMS International is an experienced and long standing company in the industry of exhibition stands and displays. Their ability to survive in the industry is testament to their capacity of adapting to the latest trends. Their most recent additions to their online portfolio, certainly, shows how this is the case.