A contemporary lounge and bar opens at Dwarka

A contemporary lounge and bar opens at Dwarka

Online PR News – 24-June-2009 – – The carefully crafted menu of Klub 7 comprises of traditional spice laced food succulently created from fresh ingredients keeping in mind a healthy nutritional balance and preserving the wholesome goodness. The menu consists of totally Mughlai food like starters, delectable soups, Tandoori Nazrane, Gulbahare Subz, Lazzat – E – Handi, Kunaha –E-Deg, choice of Raitas , Rotiyan Dawat- E-Shahi, Sheer -E -Mehfil etc. Klub 7 with its intoxicating combination of heavenly ambience, ambrosial cuisine, and pampering service takes one back to the times of the royal era pervaded by the aroma emanating from the Awadhi, Nizami and Kashmiri bawarchikhana. The magic on the taste buds start from the shorba (aka soup) and glides the connoisseur through the melting "kebabs”, rich curries and blessed “Biryanis” that dedicately plucks the word “Mughal” from the history book pages only to fill the five senses leaving the sixth imploring to be brought back soon to “Klub 7”.

Delhiites love to flaunt their heritage of Maharajas and dynasties. And hence it is one of the prominent cities when it comes to the art of dining out. The city is full of restaurants, and almost all the upscale ones have a grand and regal air about them. The most favored cuisine is Indian, i.e. Mughlai and Tandoori. With the choices spilled all over the extensive city, here are a few pointers. Consumers need not only the food but something more and better too. And that has to be best to survive in the competition.

Keeping in mind the terrace meal at Klub 7 overlooks the vast Dwarka skyline and bathes itself in cool breeze is a dinner’s delight. If the refreshing alfresco setting is not appealing enough, the sea-tinted lounge on the third floor transforms itself into a throbbing dance floor as in house DJ & music genres churns out a variety of numbers to suit different moods different days. The staff is courteous, and the place is also open to private parties. Music is being played as the mood desires in various genres like Bollywood Numbers, DJs, and Western etc.

In this poised to take food enthusiasts of the city by storm, ‘Klub 7’ with its contemporary and soothing ambience is all set to be a trendsetter with an accent on Indian cuisine. Being situated in Dwarka this specialty Indian restaurant aims to showcase ethnic Indian culinary delights at its finest Dwarka the name itself is a symbol of Lord Krishna’s blessings and the holiness , that can give you peace of mind , a better lifestyle and never the less a paradise.

Wine makes symphony of good health. Klub 7 offers universal beers, Domestic and IMFL Whisky, Vodka, Tequila, Rum, Gin, Rum and many other drinks. Klub 7 is having some exclusive drinks for the girls these are Beach Girls, Spice Girls, Indigo Girls, Pretier than Pink, The Angels, Pussy Cat dolls, The Bangles. Klub seven also avails its 7 chakra smoothies as chakras are the pulsating discs of focused energy with particular color affinities , each chakra transmits information through our aura to our body and are responsible for maintaining well being. The 7 smoothies are Muladhara smoothie, Svadisthana Chakra Smoothie, Solar Plexus Smoothie, Annahata Smoothie, Vishudha Smoothie, Ajna Smoothie, Sahasrara smoothie.